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BeaHERO.com Premium Domain Name
Hero.com Premium Domain Name
Wicker.com Premium Domain Name
Dropship Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Ecommerce Business
Unique and Innovative Arts and Crafts Product Ecommerce Website

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39 Websites For Sale

Listing # Description Asking Cash Flow Location
#60265  12/10/2014      website
BeaHERO.com Premium Domain Name $250,000 - Canada (Relocatable)
BeaHERO.com is a rare dot com that has a multitude of uses and is perfect for branding any produc...
home based   re-locatable  
#60264  12/04/2014      website
Hero.com Premium Domain Name $1,500,000 - CA, USA (Relocatable)
Hero.com is a fantastic ultra premium generic domain name that was just released for sale!  ...
home based   re-locatable  
#60263  12/01/2014      website
Wicker.com Premium Domain Name $295,000 - WA, USA (Relocatable)
Wicker, the small strips of the natural rattan cane most often used for baskets and furniture, ha...
home based   seller financing   re-locatable  
#60262  09/28/2014      website
RNR.com $250,000 - WA, USA (Relocatable)
RNR.com is a rare premium three letter dot com that has a multitude of uses. Synonymous with "Roc...
#60261  09/26/2014      website
IA.com $0 - AZ, USA (Relocatable)
IA.com is a rare premium two letter dot com that has a multitude of uses.  IA.com can repres...
home based   re-locatable  
#60259  08/20/2014      website
Audit.com and Audits.com Premium Domain Names $900,000 - Cayman Islands (Relocatable)
Audit.com and Audits.com – this is a rare opportunity to purchase a single-word domain name and i...
home based   re-locatable  
#60260  08/11/2014      website
Telemarketers.com Premium Domain Name $75,000 - MA, USA (Relocatable)
Telemarketers.com is a premium generic domain name in a highly competitive industry.  It wou...
home based   re-locatable  
#60258  07/07/2014      website
Divorces.com Premium Domain Name $280,000 - NV, USA (Relocatable)
Divorces.com is a rare generic domain name in a highly competitive industry. Very rare opportunit...
home based   re-locatable  
#60257  07/01/2014      website
Cortisol.com Premium Domain Name $275,000 - CA, USA (Relocatable)
Cortisol.com is a 12 year old generic high value medical/pharmaceutical domain name for Cortisol,...
home based   re-locatable  
#60246  05/16/2014      website
Convince.com Premium Domain Name $350,000 - PA, USA (Relocatable)
Convince.com is a one of a kind, easy to remember, exact match dictionary name.  Defined as ...
home based   re-locatable  

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