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Below are the listings results from your search. If you wish to refine your search criteria you can select the back button on your browser or use the search dialog on this page.  Listings may also be viewed by State, Industry or Category using the quick search widget. Once you have refined your search to include just the listings you are interested in you may save the search for future use in your Member area.

47 Websites For Sale

Listing # Description Asking Cash Flow Location
#60252  04/17/2014      website
Hockey.com Premium Domain Name $5,000,000 - Canada (Relocatable)
Hockey.com is the quintessential domain name for this beloved international sport and billion dol...
home based   re-locatable  
#60253  04/17/2014      website
Twist.com Premium Domain Name $1,500,000 - CA, USA (Relocatable)
Twist.com is a premium generic domain name that is highly marketable and easy to remember.  ...
home based   re-locatable  
#13296  04/04/2014      website
Affiliate Link Posting Service for Social Media Pages $800,000 $246,110 CA, USA (Relocatable)
This business is an affiliate link posting service that partners with existing traffic sources, p...
home based   re-locatable  
#60248  03/27/2014      website
1800Golfing.com, comes with a FREE 1-800-Golfing Toll Free Number + Trademarks $5,000,000 - Canada (Relocatable)
1800Golfing.com - Amazing collection of a premium toll free number, associated premium domains an...
home based   re-locatable  
#60247  03/27/2014      website
1800Casinos.com, comes with a FREE 1-800-Casinos Toll Free Number + Trademarks $5,000,000 - Canada (Relocatable)
1800Casinos.com - This tremendous package of rare IP includes the most memorable toll free number...
home based   re-locatable  
#60249  03/27/2014      website
1800Mudanzas.com, comes with a FREE 1-800-Mudanzas Toll Free Number + Trademark $2,000,000 - Canada (Relocatable)
1800Mudanzas.com - Spanish for "movers" - this is the ideal name and number to brand and build yo...
home based   re-locatable  
#13292  03/20/2014      website
Video Motion Graphics Internet Business $600,000 $191,510 Croatia (Relocatable)
With technology advances in computers and camcorders, the production of high quality and creative...
home based   re-locatable  
#60240  03/14/2014      website
1800Brokers.com and 1-800-Brokers Toll Free number + Trademarks! $3,500,000 - FL, USA (Relocatable)
Gain instant recognition for a new brokerage or leverage this with your current company and domi...
home based   re-locatable  
#13295  03/11/2014      website
ComputerDesk.com, OfficeDesk.com, TVStand.com and ComputerChair.com $400,000 - FL, USA (Relocatable)
Four premium domain names are for sale: OfficeDesk.com, ComputerDesk.com, TVStand.com, and Comput...
home based   re-locatable  
#60227  02/27/2014      website
Reports.com Premium Domain Name $750,000 - WA, USA (Relocatable)
Reports.com is a rare premium domain name for sale. This exact match name is perfect for all type...
home based   re-locatable  

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