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Gourmet Coffee Products Online Business
BeaHERO.com Premium Domain Name
Hero.com Premium Domain Name
Wicker.com Premium Domain Name

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Below are the listings results from your search. If you wish to refine your search criteria you can select the back button on your browser or use the search dialog on this page.  Listings may also be viewed by State, Industry or Category using the quick search widget. Once you have refined your search to include just the listings you are interested in you may save the search for future use in your Member area.

57 Websites For Sale

Listing # Description Asking Cash Flow Location
#13320  01/13/2015      website
Gourmet Coffee Products Online Business $480,000 $157,543 CA, USA (Relocatable)
Coffee is more than popular: it's ubiquitous. No other beverage is as revered or respected. It ca...
home based   re-locatable  
#60266  12/30/2014      website
IllinoisRealEstate.com $200,000 - IL, USA (Relocatable)
IllinoisRealEstate.com is an 18 year old Premium Geo domain name that offers a fantastic opp...
home based   re-locatable  
#60265  12/10/2014      website
BeaHERO.com Premium Domain Name $250,000 - Canada (Relocatable)
BeaHERO.com is a rare dot com that has a multitude of uses and is perfect for branding any produc...
home based   re-locatable  
#60264  12/04/2014      website
Hero.com Premium Domain Name $1,500,000 - CA, USA (Relocatable)
Hero.com is a fantastic ultra premium generic domain name that was just released for sale!  ...
home based   re-locatable  
#60263  12/01/2014      website
Wicker.com Premium Domain Name $295,000 - WA, USA (Relocatable)
Wicker, the small strips of the natural rattan cane most often used for baskets and furniture, ha...
home based   seller financing   re-locatable  
#13319  11/17/2014      website
Dropship Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Ecommerce Business $250,000 $77,125 WA, USA (Relocatable)
Pizza is a simple, honest, handmade food that is also affordable.  As such, on any given day...
home based   re-locatable  
#13318  11/03/2014      website
Unique and Innovative Arts and Crafts Product Ecommerce Website $115,000 $36,626 NJ, USA (Relocatable)
Today, every major holiday provides a reason for creative minded individuals, not just kids, to p...
home based   re-locatable  
#13317  10/27/2014      website
Religious Gift Products Amazon Store and Ecommerce Sites $195,000 $75,078 NC, USA (Relocatable)
The Roman Catholic Church is the largest branch of Christianity with over a billion Catholics wor...
home based   re-locatable  
#13316  10/20/2014      website
Gourmet Home Delivered Meals Affiliate Marketing Website $65,000 $20,963 SD, USA (Relocatable)
There is trend among Americans to eat healthier while still enjoying high quality, great tasting ...
home based   re-locatable  
#13315  10/09/2014      website
Dropship Natural Skin Care Products Amazon Store and Ecommerce Site $1,500,000 PENDING $412,568 MI, USA (Relocatable)
This opportunity is for a fast growing skincare, beauty and health care line manufactured in the ...
home based   re-locatable  

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