For Sale:

Portfolio of Websites in the Coupon Niche with Massive Traffic

Asking Price: $7,500,000

Minimal Effort to Operate

  • All day-to-day operations are outsourced to contractors working 100% remote.
  • A custom redirect module, crawlers, feeds and ads on auto, make operations highly automated.
  • In-house custom-built translation tool allows for the accurate translation of content and coupons with little time and cost involved.

Business Overview

For sale is a portfolio of 35 websites in the highly desirable coupon niche. Several of these were developed in-house as white label sites for plug-in-play in any media site (newspapers, magazines, blogs with high traffic) and can be running in just 7 days. The customization of the white label sites are complete with accurate SEO.

The business model includes revenue streams from CPA, Advertising, Google Ads and CPC. Day-to-day operations, including content and coupon writing, are outsourced to contractors. The platform surpassed the mark of +21 million unique visitors in 19 countries across a wide range of sectors from fashion, travel, retails to food and entertainment and the company collaborates with more than 50 international affiliate networks on 4 continents.

The company has created an in-house custom-built translation tool using Google Translate with which it has a license. For efficiency, coupons and content are created in the native language of the contracted writer. Using the custom-built translation tool, the coupons and content can then be translated into as many languages as needed. Additionally, this tool also allows for currency conversion as well. Translation can be expensive and time consuming, costing thousands of dollars. With the translation tool, operations are efficient and accurate allowing for the translation of content and coupons with little time and cost involved.

The business has demonstrated YoY growth. For 2021, revenues are up 66% and profits up 83% over 2020!

Key Benefits

  • Highly automated, requiring minimal effort needed to operate the business – all content creation is outsourced, the site includes a custom redirect module system and has crawlers, feeds and ads running on auto
  • 7 Years of operational history leading to an authoritative position in the discount & voucher codes niche Top 5 coupon site Brazil, Top 3 Spain, Top 1 Portugal, Top 5 Netherlands
  • Rapid revenue growth with a CAGR of 59.9% between 2019 and 2020(e) and continued growth in 2021
  • Impressive volume of traffic with over +50M pageviews over the LTM
  • Strong organic search presence with keyword rankings for c.65,500 keywords and a robust backlink profile
  • In-house white-label coupon platform running sites in different countries able to generate a massive income
  • Multiple growth opportunities
  • Passive and diverse revenues streams
  • In-house technology called White-label that enables the company to create new coupon code sites that can be plugged in with media companies
  • Revenue generating networking of coupon codes site able to run-in real-time thousands of offers, updates and orders
  • Data entry by staff is minimal since all of the steps of the process were created to have maximum automation

Financial Summary
TTM Gross Revenue* $1,698,705 USD
TTM Cash Flow* $1,496,334 USD

TTM Gross Revenue 1,530,971 Euro
TTM Cash Flow 1,348,583 Euro

*Converted from Euro to USD at the exchange rate of 1.138 on 3/31/22. USD equivalent at time of sale will vary based on exchange rates.

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $1,698,705
Cash Flow $1,496,334
Year Established 2015
Employees 0
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Internet
Location Switzerland
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Advertising/PPC/Adsense

This is a unique opportunity for a new owner to take over an established content business with strong cash flows and vast growth opportunities. Some ideas for growth include:

  • Expanding to English speaking countries
  • Expand white label technology in US and UK media companies
  • Utilize approx. 100K email list
  • New Affiliate Partners
  • Grow and further diversify Industry Focus

The major advantage over others in this niche is the company’s white-label technology created in-house and fine-tuned over several years.

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