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Each day we are contacted by buyers looking for a “particular business”. Often their criteria or industry niche is very specific and may not match what is currently available for-sale online. They leave us their details and request we keep on the lookout for a good match.

If you or someone you know has an online business that matches any of the criteria below, give us a call. We have a buyer looking for you!

Active Buyer Looking For An SBA Opportunity
Classified #: 200408-1

Price Point: $700,000 to $1.25 million

Ecommerce, Dropship, Amazon, Etsy, Social Media, AdSense

Target Business – Must Haves
• SBA Eligible – $130k max cash in.
• Price Point/SDE –Est. $700k-$1.25M price point/ SDE $275k Minimum.
• Industry/Market – Lifestyle products preferred (i.e. health and fitness, self-improvement, etc.). Makes people’s lives better in some way. Not a hard requirement though.
• Product Type – E-commerce/Amazon FBA (Private Label Preferred), physical goods preferred. Would also consider dropship, adsense, or affiliate where private label could be added to grow.
• Sales Channels – 2 or more preferred, Amazon, Etsy, Wal-Mart, etc. Would consider website only business.
• Traffic Diversity – 2 or more traffic sources i.e. Google organic, Amazon, PPC, social , etc. Would consider solely google organic.

Target Business – Nice to Haves
• Barriers to Entry – Looking for Patents, Exclusive Contracts, Trade Secret Unique Value Propositions.
• Low Seasonality – Revenue should be stable, growing, and non-seasonal.
• US Sourcing – US suppliers preferred.
• Growth Potential – 10x or more, i.e. currently has <10% market share. Would also consider solid Niche business with low time commitment.
• Owner Time Commitment – Less than 30 hrs/wk.
• Labor – Contract only, no employees.

Company Is Currently Looking To Make Acquisitions
Classified #: 200405-1

Purchase Price: $250,000

Ecommerce, Dropship, Amazon, Content Portal

My company is actively looking to make acquisitions of web properties/assets with a history of stable and positively trending traffic and revenues.

Ideal targets include assets selling for less than $250k (with a sweet spot between $40-60k), have evergreen content that can be added to/improved upon BUT do not require complete overhauls and can be relied upon for revenues if left unmodified. We have the ability to move quickly through diligence and close fast if we find assets that meet our criteria / where we can add value.

Investment Criteria:
-Price: <$250k
-Revenues: stable/growing
-Niche: all except for “dirty dozen” risky categories
-Business Model: content sites, aggregators/directories, review sites, e-commerce (amazon FBA/dropship/inventory)

Actively Searching For Transportation, Logistics And Distribution Businesses
Classified #: 200327-1

EBITDA: $10 million
Revenues: $10 million +


We are actively searching for transportation, logistics and distribution businesses (or services to any of them) with revenue of $10m or greater based in the United States. Our Investment Criteria: EBITDA – Negative to $10M ; Enterprise Value – Up to $100M, Sweet Spot $10 – $30M ; Geography – US Based ; Transaction Type – Flexible, Majority Preferred. Sector Focus – Trucking, Rail, Logistics, Ports, Warehousing, Distribution, and Services to T&L.

Currently Acquiring Businesses
Classified #: 200324-1

Revenues: $10 million to $30 million
EBITDA: $2 million to $6 million


I work with a group of private equity investors who are looking to acquire businesses with the following criteria:
• Business Services, Construction, Transportation, Healthcare, Information Technology
• Revenues in the $10M to 30M range
• EBITDA of $2M to $6M
• Located in or near a major metropolitan area
• Not interested in retail, restaurants or consumer services

Adding Amazon FBA Businesses To Portfolio
Classified #: 200308-1

Purchase Price: $350,000


I own an Amazon FBA business and am looking to buy 1-2 Amazon FBA businesses to add to my portfolio. I am a cash flow investor and have been in the e-commerce space for 2 years. I am looking to buy a business strictly by FBA under 350k.

Currently Looking To Acquire A Majority Stake In A Privately Owned Company
Classified #: 200220-1

Profits: $1 million +


I am the Managing Partner of an investment firm based in Denver. I am currently looking to acquire a majority stake in a privately-owned company located in the U.S. Upon an acquisition, I will assume a leading role in managing the day-to-day operations of the business. I am primarily interested in inspection, testing, fire protection, and industrial service businesses.

I am currently looking for a business with the following characteristics:
• Annual profit greater than $1M
• Stable historical revenue and performance
• Owner looking to exit their business

In The Market For Small SAAS Business
Classified #: 200218-1

Purchase Price: $150,000


I have previously bought and sold several businesses and currently I am looking for a small SAAS business to buy. The purchase price of the business should be less than $150,000.

Focused On Acquiring One Great Business
Classified #: 200209-1

Revenues: $10 million +


I am an entrepreneur with 15+ years of leadership experience in the technology sector across engineering, sales, and marketing looking for one great business to buy, lead and grow as part of the management team. I am backed by a motivated group of investors ready for a capital call with certainty of closing within 90 days.

I am focused on acquiring a business and continuing its successful trajectory over the long term to the benefit of its employees, communities, and customers.

Some of my desired characteristics are:
-Revenues of $10MM and above
-B2B software or services
-History of profitability
-Minimal to no sales and marketing efforts

Looking For A Business In The Health Care Sector
Classified #: 200205-1

Purchase Price: $1 million to $5 million


I’m looking to buy a 1-5M business in the Health Care sector (medical billing, medical staffing) and IT/ERP service sector . If you have that on your list, can you please send me the details

Targeting New Investment Opportunities
Classified #: 200131-1

EBITDA: $1 million to $10 million
Revenues: up to $100 million

B2B, B2C

We are a San Francisco Bay Area-based private equity firm specializing in transactions that require leadership transition. We target transactions that include retiring owner/operators, sales of family owned businesses and corporate divestitures. To facilitate leadership transitions, our Company partners with accomplished operating executives who are prepared to lead the business immediately upon closing, providing sellers both a liquidity and succession solution. We look for profitable companies generating up to $100 million in revenue. During our 10+ year history, we have completed over 30 transactions, all of which included leadership transition. Our Company takes a long-term approach to lower middle market investing and supports management team efforts to create value through revenue growth and operational efficiency improvements.

We are actively seeking new investment opportunities for 2020, and below is a brief outline of our criteria:
•Company Size: EBITDA between $1 million – $10 million
•Business Type: Manufacturing, business and consumer services, distribution, franchisers, food & beverage, other
•Transaction Type: Majority buyout or recapitalization resulting from a retiring owner or partner, sale of family owned company, or corporate divestiture
•Management: We specialize in situations that require new leadership by partnering with successful executives who can serve as CEO of the acquired company
•Industry Preference: We are flexible and open to many industry segments, preferring to acquire leaders in niche markets

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