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Criteria Description
Reaching Out to Purchase and Operate One Business
Classified #: 220817-1

EBITDA: $2 million +


We’re an investment partnership looking to purchase and operate one business. Our goal is to acquire a business and operate it for the long-term, invest in the local community and honor the previous owner’s commitments to employees, customers, and suppliers.

Below are the characteristics of the business we are seeking:
– SaaS, b2b or Business Services business with $2M+ EBITDA
– Owner seeking to exit in 0-3 years
– Demonstrated business growth
– Gross margin of 30%+
– Located in the North East, West Coast or Canada

We bring the following resources to the table:
– Owner-operator who will move to business’ location and operate on a day-to-day basis
– Capital for immediate owner liquidity provided by Operator and Advisors

Looking For Motivated Sellers
Classified #: 220802-1

Net Revenues: $1 million to $10 million


My team and I are looking for motivated sellers in SaaS industry selling at USD 1 to 10 million and sales price at 3-4x EBITDA.

Our team comprises of an industry expert that is able to assist in growing the company as the owner able to see their legacy grow and an acquisitions expert that has acquired many companies is various industries and has access to lenders in USA.

Searching For Companies to Acquire
Classified #: 220725-1

SDE of $500,000-1,500,000


I came across your details and wanted to reach out and connect. I looking to create relationships which will help me in my acquisition strategy. Specifically, I am searching for companies in the supply chain – Manufacturing, transportation, Logistics, Courier – Staffing and Recruiting, who lack a clear b2b growth strategy, located within 5 major markets of Alberta, BC, Toronto, Montreal, with a SDE of $500-1500k.

Seeking Add-On Acquisitions
Classified #: 220722-1

EBITDS – $5 million to $25 million

B2B, B2C

We are a lower middle market private equity firm based in Chicago focused on growth oriented business services companies. Typical platform investments range from $5-25m EBITDA. We are seeking add-on acquisitions across our portfolio. In 2021, we successfully completed 21 add-ons and have completed 9 year to date. Below, we’ve listed our criteria.

• IT Staffing
• Custom Software Development
• Property Management Services
• Gas/Electric Utility Maintenance & Repair
• Water/Fire/Mold Restoration Services
• ERP Implementation & Consulting
• HVAC/R Distribution
• Lab-based food testing

Investigating Acquisition Targets For New Company
Classified #: 220627-1

Profits: $400,000 to $1 million


I am a former COO and I’m now looking for acquisition targets for my new company. Here’s some more info on type of businesses that we’re looking for:

1. $400,000 – $1m SDE consumer brands.
2. In the Mom/Baby; Kids; Toys, Pets; Home Goods; Outdoors sectors. I’d also be open to adjacent sectors if they’re close enough.
3. Based in the United States and SBA eligible.
4. We prefer businesses with at least one of the following: strong trademarked brand names, proprietary formulations / molds / dies, patents, etc.

Seeking to Acquire Platform or Add-on Companies
Classified #: 220531-1

Revenues: $2 million to $20 million
EBITDA: $500,000 to $5 million


We are actively seeking to acquire platform or add-on companies to add to our portfolio. Unlike traditional private equity, we operate off of private capital with no financing contingencies and we don’t have exit horizons. We operate the companies in our portfolio, so we are focused on organic long-term growth and don’t engage in risky behaviors like overleveraging.

• We are a privately held corporation that has been successfully acquiring companies throughout the U.S. since 1977.
• We are seeking to add one or more businesses to our portfolio this year.

• Target Revenue: Target EBITDA:
$2 to $20 million $500,000 to $5 million
• Characteristics
Proprietary or unique products with limited risk of obsolescence
Sustainable barriers to entry
Niche or specialty market
Positive cash flow
Proven business model
10% compounded annual growth
40% fully burdened Gross Margin

Investing in Amazon Brands
Classified #: 220530-1

Acquisition Price: $500,000 to $5 million


Summary of Our Company’s Investment Criteria: please note that we will assess investment opportunity on a case by case basis, with no lacking of single or two of the below criteria make it a deal breaker:
• Financial track record & profitability – brands profitable with >18 months track record, >50% gross profit margin (after accounting for ads fee, and fulfilment fees on top of COGS) and SDE margin of >15% (open to look at brands with 60% of revenues from Amazon
• Brands: private label – Amazon brand registry
• Strong reviews (3Rs)

Actively Looking to Acquire in the SaaS Space and Can Close Fast
Classified #: 220524-1

EBITDA: $1,000,000


I work for a Growth Fund and we have over $100M AUM. Since inception, we have successfully acquired and scaled multiple SaaS businesses.

We are looking for growing and profitable businesses (SaaS & Marketplace apps) with a strong brand and leadership position in their industries. Our minimum in terms of EBIT is $1M.

Inquiring With Regards to Investing in Companies
Classified #: 220503-1

EBITDA: $1 million to $5 million

B2B, B2C

We look for companies with EBITDA between $1-5M+. We can be flexible if an owner wants to stay for 10 days or 10 years post transaction. We have an average time to close of 60 days post-LOI and we invest our founder’s capital. We own and operate 10 companies throughout the U.S.

Our companies operate in everything from manufacturing of industrial safety equipment to software monitoring to emergency waste cleanup services to high end landscaping services.

Specialize in Acquiring Bootstrapped Internet Businesses
Classified #: 220402-1

Net Profits: $20,000+


I’m a co-owner of a Business which specializes in acquiring and investing in bootstrapped internet businesses. In the next few months, we are looking to acquire an online business that is valued somewhere between $1,000,000 to $1,800,000.

Some Requirements:
*Age: 3 years or more
*Net profit: $20K/mo or more
*Type: SaaS, Membership, Digital Services, Digital Products,
*Traffic: Organic traffic should account for 60% or less

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