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Each day we are contacted by buyers looking for a “particular business”. Often their criteria or industry niche is very specific and may not match what is currently available for-sale online. They leave us their details and request we keep on the lookout for a good match.

If you or someone you know has an online business that matches any of the criteria below, give us a call. We have a buyer looking for you!

100% Acquisition Of B2B Tech Companies
Classified #: 200804-1

Recurring Revenues: $3 million to $4 million


Acquisition Mandate:
* 100% Acquisition of B2B tech companies with recurring revenue
* We typically pay <2x ARR, and thus tend to buy low growth or under-performing businesses
* Valuation multiple is generally a function of renewal rate and gross margin

Looking To Buy A Company
Classified #: 200721-1

Company Earnings: $800,000
Purchase Price: $4 million to $5 million


I am looking to buy a company. I am looking for a deal similar to these requirements:

-Company Earning ~$800k before debt service
-I’d like to pay no more than 5x (preferably less) EBITDA
-so roughly $4-5 million (I want less than 5x but this is the most I’m willing to go depending on the industry if the number work)
-I plan to Borrow 70-90% from SBA lender, the rest from myself or existing owner or investor

Targeting FBA Businesses
Classified #: 200710-1

Purchase Price: $3 million to $7 million EV


We operate an ecommerce rollup acquisition platform and currently have $12M in equity capital committed to our platform for acquisitions and are targeting FBA businesses between $3M – $7M EV.

Interested In Buying SaaS Companies
Classified #: 200704-1

EBITDA: $250,000 to $10 million
Revenues: $1 million to $25 million


We are looking for SaaS companies that are making USD 250k-10MM EBITDA and/or USD 1MM-25MM revenue.

Industry & Location Agnostic, Looking To Purchase
Classified #: 200703-1

Net Profits: $1 million to $7 million
Net Profit Margins: 10% +


I am industry and location agnostic, but am seeking the characteristics below:

• Net profit of $1-7 million
• Net profit margin of 10%+
• Businesses with recurring revenue streams
• Owner seeking to exit in 0-3 years
• Particularly interested in women-owned businesses

I am looking to make a purchase as soon as possible and am able to move quickly on the right transaction.

Looking For Home Health Care Businesses
Classified #: 200701-1

Revenues: $8 million +
Purchase Price: $10 million to $35 million


We are looking for Home Health Care businesses who have at least one outlet in Canada or USA and revenue should be 8M+ USD. Asking price range can be from 10M-35M.

On The Market For Performing Companies
Classified #: 200609-1

Revenues: $1,000,000 +
Net Profits: $200,000 to $500,000


I’m reaching out to see if there are any companies you have listed that fit our general criteria. While we remain cautious, our group is still on the market for performing companies across sectors. Our primary focus:

– Healthcare services (all verticals except medical/physicians’ practices).
– Government contractors (all sectors)
– Niche services companies. We are open to considering strong companies outside of healthcare that fit our general criteria. While we generally avoid certain industries, we are open to your suggestions if the company’s outlook is strong and the industry remains viable post-COVID.

Although we evaluate each business independently, we are focused on acquiring performing companies that align with our general acquisition criteria:

– Business is not dependent on the current owner to maintain its operations and customer relationships.
– Diverse customer base with the largest client making up no more than 10-15% of total revenue.
– Gross annual sales/revenue greater than $1 million over past 3+ fiscal years. We value stable organic growth rather than sudden “spike” in recent sales.
– Consistent record of profitability with at least $200K in adjusted net profits (EBITDA, not SDE). Strong preference for companies with greater than $500K in adjusted net profits. *Add backs must be legitimate to receive consideration, and owners will be required to provide proof/documentation during due diligence.
– Complete financial records, including federal tax returns completed by an actively licensed CPA for the past 3+ fiscal years.
– Effective A/R management in place.
– No active liens, contingent/off balance sheet liabilities, lawsuits, or regulatory issues. All professional licenses must be transferable and in good standing with all relevant regulatory bodies/government agencies.
– Owner is interested in working with us to ensure a smooth transition within a reasonable period of time after closing.

Investor Looking To Add To Portfolio
Classified #: 200605-1

Revenues: $1,000,000 to $5,000,000


I’m an investor looking to add to my portfolio of online education and SAAS companies. Generally looking to invest or acquire e-learning businesses, with $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in top line revenue.

Willing To Invest For Acquisitions In Proprietary Companies
Classified #: 200526-1

Purchase Price: $100,000

Ecommerce, SAAS

Willing to invest roughly $100k for acquisitions, planning to use as much leverage as I can, and possibly diversifying with multiple purchases in different niches.

Initially, I’m looking for companies selling something proprietary. It could be a physical product, SAAS/software, or services. I’m not interested in content or affiliate sites for now.

My specialties are in building marketing funnels, media buying, and access to high quality and low-cost labor through my BPO business.

Looking For Investment Opportunities
Classified #: 200525-1

Purchase Price: $50,000 to $200,000


Looking for investment opportunities with large upsides ranging from $50-200k. Ideal is a business where the owner doesn’t have time/quick fire inventory sale, mostly interested in e-commerce.

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