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Each day we are contacted by buyers looking for a “particular business”. Often their criteria or industry niche is very specific and may not match what is currently available for-sale online. They leave us their details and request we keep on the lookout for a good match.

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Criteria Description
Seeking Business in Need of Management
Classified #: 210908-1

EBITDA: $1 million to $5 million


We look to buy businesses with annual Revenue between $5 million and $50 million and annual EBITDA between $1 million and $5 million. We seek companies operating in all industries and based in the U.S. We seek to acquire 51% to 100% of the equity in businesses with an Owner(s) looking for a succession plan.

Simple Investment Criteria

• Financial: $1M – $5M EBITDA
• Situational: Need for day to day management

We are industry and geographically agnostic. The two most common situations include: retirement and rapidly growing businesses that may have outgrown the current ownership/management.

Sourcing and Acquiring a Great Business With High Barriers To Entry
Classified #: 210831-1

EBITDA: $1 million to $5 million

Ecommerce, SAAS, B2B

Our approach to investing is to build upon great SMEs by focusing on improvements in the operations (streamlining sales force, expansion into new markets, developing or acquiring adjacent products and services, price optimization). In addition to implementing rigorous processes for investing in growth and bolt-on acquisitions targeting high IRRs.

The investment criteria is as follows:
•Size: $1-$5m in EBITDA (or lower for exceptional businesses)
•In a growing sector with high barriers to entry
•In a fragmented sector that is ripe for consolidation and expansion
•Sectors: real estate services, testing, inspection, certification, professional services, industrials, branded and private label food and beverage manufacturing, ingredients, flavors, spices, snacking, and free cash flow generating software and services
•Full or majority sale – preference for the owner to roll over some equity in the form of minority (10%-15% of total)
•Debt of ~2x senior and ~1x junior tranche

Searching To Buy Business With Proven Track Record
Classified #: 210830-1

SDE: $600,000 to $1 million

Ecommerce, SAAS

I have over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and previous entrepreneurship experience. I have owned several startups in the past. I’m currently searching to buy a business with a proven track record of 5-10 years and SDE of $600k -$1mil with significant upside potential following operational optimizations and digital transformation. In terms of company profile I am looking for a business that could benefit from my skill set in the following industries: information technology, internet business (eCommerce, SaaS), aviation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Serious Buyer With Interest In Purchasing
Classified #: 210723-1

EBITDA: $400,000 to $1 million


I am looking to make a small business acquisition in the next few months. I am targeting internet based (SAAS and services) companies in existence 18 months or longer with an EBITDA between $400k and $1MM.

Searching For A Company To Buy And Run
Classified #: 210721-1

Revenues: $5 million to $50 million


My partner and I are looking to buy and run a company generating $5mm- $50mm in revenue. Born and raised on the West Coast, we would love to find something in Northern California or the Pacific North West. We’re an ideal match for a business owner looking for an alternative to a traditional PE exit.

Looking To Acquire European E-commerce Businesses
Classified #: 210720-1

Revenues: $200,000 to $2 million

Ecommerce, Amazon

Looking to acquire European e-commerce businesses, with a special emphasis on France-based companies, with annual revenue between $200k-2m USD. We are specifically looking for successful, branded, non-professional, product-based online businesses with between 1-5 employees/owners. Although the main focus is Amazon Marketplace businesses, other European e-commerce businesses will be considered. US businesses will not be considered.

Currently Seeking Established Amazon Jewelry Brands
Classified #: 210720-2

EBITDA: $500,000 to $1 million


My company is looking for established Amazon jewelry brands. We are looking at acquiring any business with a minimum of $500K – $1M in EBITDA.

Looking for Amazon FBA Businesses In The Jewelry Space
Classified #: 210702-1

Revenues: $5 million


We are an FBA seller with several businesses on Amazon at present. We are looking to acquire Amazon FBA businesses in the jewelry space doing $5M in revenue.

Presently Looking for E-commerce Businesses
Classified #: 210617-1

Revenues: $1,000,000


We are a Singapore-based e-commerce aggregator that acquires e-commerce businesses based in the Asia Pacific, selling via channels such as Amazon, Shopify, Shopee, Lazada, etc.

Presently, we are looking for e-commerce businesses with the following characteristics:
• Annual revenues of at least USD 1,000,000
• 100% online business with more than 2 years of operations
• Brand owners domiciled in the APAC region (but could also explore opportunities in other regions)

Actively Searching for Attractive Healthcare-Focused Acquisition Targets
Classified #: 210608-1

Revenue: $1 million
EBITDA: $250,000


I am the owner of a growing federal healthcare contractor. We are actively searching for attractive healthcare-focused acquisition targets with the following attributes:

• ≥$1M annual revenue (preferably $3M+) with ≥$250K adj. EBITDA

• 3-5x valuation range – not based on unsustainable COVID demand spikes

• Healthcare or Behavioral Health services (anything outside of home health/hospice/elder care or mental health practices/SUD – we are not interested in these verticals). *Does not need to be in the government contracting space.

• Geographically agnostic

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