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Accepts Bitcoin! Website Properties – Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin: Then and Now Bitcoin, both the currency and its underlying blockchain technology, gained significant credibility as an accepted form of payment in 2017. The currency’s value skyrocketed, rising from $1,000 per coin in January to a high of $18,000 by mid-December. More recently, Bitcoin reached a peak just shy of $69,000 before declining. This […]

How To Create A Million-Dollar Internet Store In 2016

David Fairley, Website Properties President, was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine regarding how individuals throughout the US are starting and building million dollar businesses from their own homes. The internet is a wide open playing field for entrepreneurs and David’s comments and the Forbes article gives helpful suggestions to start of your next 6 figure […]

How to Sell a Website: 8 Pro Tips Jason Rueger July 22, 2015 Excerpt from the original article: Name: David Fairley Company: (Founder and President) Full Comment: “Take a hard look and be very vigilant when it comes to controlling expenses by evaluating if those funds are being spent for maximum effect. Finally, like selling a home or car, take the […]

eCommerceFuel – How Nate Friedman Went From 60-Hour Weeks to 4-Hour Days

Website Properties represented the seller in this exclusive transaction connecting this great business opportunity with the buyer, Nate Friedman.  See original article below: eCommerceFuel June 9, 2015 By Laura Serino Nate Friedman started out as an electrical engineer in the steel industry, climbed the corporate ladder at a Fortune 50 company and eventually ran a […]

MeetAdvisors – Excerpt from: 7 Keys to Create a Healthy Work Environment for Your Business

MeetAdvisors™ June 8, 2015 By: Naftali Garber At Website Properties, we specialize in selling established website businesses & internet business opportunities. Unlike traditional Brick & Mortar Business Brokers, our primary focus and expertise is centered exclusively on online business properties. That single minded focus means the sale of your online business will receive the expertise […]

DN Journal-Feel the Power! The 9th Seven-Figure Sale Reported So Far This Year Tops This Week’s Sales Chart

DN Journal, November 12, 2014 By Ron Jackson The big news in the domain aftermarket this week is the $1,261,000 sale of that we told you about in a Lowdown post Tuesday (Nov. 11). George Kirikos uncovered the private transaction while looking through a 3rd quarter SEC filing made by the buyer, Power Integrations, […]

DN Journal – Owner to Get $1.5 Million + Equity to Sell Domain in Deal Brokered by

DN Journal, Posted June 6, 2014 If you follow our weekly domain sales reports you know Washington State based brokerage has put up some impressive sales numbers including at $850,000, at $450,000 and at $200,000, all in the final quarter of 2013 alone. This evening I got word from company President […]

DomainFest 2014 – How to Build a Diversified Domain Business Beyond Parking. Panel Includes David Fairley.

DomainFest 2014 Hollywood, CA March 1, 2014 – April 2, 2014 Celebrating our 9th year, DomainFest® 2014 is dedicated to bridging the gap between domain name industry, online advertising, affiliates, social media and mobile. No other conference in the world comes close in content, entertainment and networking opportunities! DomainFest 2014 is a truly an international […]

DN Journal-Trio of 6-Figure Sales Totaling Over $1 Million Top This Week’s Domain Sales Chart

DN Journal, December 16, 2013 By Ron Jackson Several domain owners got very nice early Christmas presents this past week when they sold names that soared into the six-figure stratosphere. The largest of those – a blockbuster $850,000 sale of brokered by, ranks among the five biggest sales reported so far this year. […]

DomainSherpa – The Fundamentals of a Revenue-generating Website – With David Fairley

DomainSherpa, December 2, 2013, By Michael Cyger Understanding the basics of a revenue-generating website is half of the equation to successfully building and exiting an Internet business. In this interview, a successful entrepreneur and business broker walks us through the fundamentals, including understanding – in detail – how to value websites, how he finds so […]