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Looking for an Amazon-centric Business
Classified #: 170728-1

Annual Sales: $1 million to $5 million

Ecommerce, Amazon

We are seeking businesses in the $1mm (million) to $5mm annual sales range. Preferably with substantial subject matter expertise, good brand (private label) identity, unique designs, products that typically earn 4+ star reviews and a feedback rating of 95% +. Amazon-centric.

Interested Buyer Looking to Purchase
Classified #: 170705-1

Gross Revenues: $1 million +


Criteria for deals would include the business be in operation for 2-3 years or more, the business has gross revenues of $1 million dollars or more, the business would be in the Manufacturing; Distribution; Retail; Technology; or Service industries, the business can be outside the US however English must be the primary language, and the business can be online or offline although we are not interested in restaurants or franchises. The optimal qualities would be: sales or marketing driven business, possesses some exclusivity or uniqueness in product design or service, product or service has a high gross margin, product or service has a built-in demand, and the product or service cannot compete solely on price as cheapest is not always the best.

Looking To Purchase
Classified #: 170703-1

Purchase Price: $3 million to $15 million


Looking for the next business. Something in the $3mm – $15mm price range. The business must be profitable, have at least 3 year operating history (ideally 5-10 years to see one down cycle in economy), and located in NYC, Las Vegas, or be relocatable to one of those cities.

Business in the EBITDA range of $500k to $2 million.
Classified #: 170623-1

EBITDA: $500,000 to $2 million


We are a micro-cap private equity firm and are looking to acquire businesses in the $500k – $2 million EBITDA range. We have a very seasoned group of investors and are able to move quickly on the right transaction.

Private Equity Firm Focused on the Lower Middle Market
Classified #: 170621-1

EBITDA: $3 to $15 million
Revenues: $20 million to $150 million


We are a group of operators turned investors with a long history of partnering with management teams to create value. We bring a suite of tools, systems, people, resources and networks that have been proven to double cash flows in under 3 years. Our investment criteria includes $3-$15 mm EBITDA (10%+ margins) with $20mm-$150mm revenue and no applicable metrics for add-on acquisitions. We are looking generally West of the Mississippi, allowing our team of experts to add meaningful value. Must have strong fundamentals – strong industry dynamics, sustainable competitive advantage, and attractive customer relationships. We are looking for primarily business services, manufacturing, aerospace & defense, technology, health services and energy services.

Criteria – WordPress Plugin Site
Classified #: 170616-1

Minimum 300,000 Active Users


I am looking for a WordPress Plugin to purchase that has a minimum of 300k in active users!

Dedicated Investment Funds Opportunity
Classified #: 170616-2

Revenues: $10 to $50 million
EBITDA: less than $5 million


Looking to make controled investments in companies with $10 to $50 million of revenue and less than $5 million of EBITDA. As a reminder, we’re interested in services businesses, distribution companies and light manufacturers where the sellers (and management teams) are seeking liquidity, and a financial partner for the next phase of their growth. For the most part, we’re industry agnostic and will go just about anywhere in the US for the right opportunity.

Development/Design Boutique Looking To Invest
Classified #: 170616-3

Purchase Price: $200,000 to $500,000

Ecommerce, SAAS, B2C

Top criteria would be a purchase price of 200-500k in USD, 2+ years of company history, amortization period of 18-48 months, and never greater than the age of the business, and a cash flow that ideally will cover amortization and some profit margin at zero growth, high revenue diversity of current subscriber base, and fully automated billing and on-boarding systems – no enterprise, with a preference for more customers over fewer, low risk in terms evaluated by: slow but steady growth instead of high growth and corresponding overpriced state of the business, no SEO, acquisition or advertising costs as part of the growth, little to no requirements for ongoing work and maintenance, sound and ethical business principals (no content scrapers, affiliate farms, etc.), useful product to the customers using it, and provides real value, isn’t buzzword focused or related to the popular trends.

Then on top of that, hoping to find something that fits all of that, and also has some obvious deficits in design and UI/UX, so that we can eventually apply our design and development skills to iterate and improve to help up the organic growth rate of the product for.

Private Equity Firm Looking to Invest
Classified #: 170515-1

Purchase Price: $25 million


We are a private equity firm looking to invest $25MM in a single business.

Investors Looking to Acquire Midsize SaaS Business
Classified #: 170510-1

Revenues: $3 to 10 million
EBITDA: $500,000 +


We are a group of investors looking for midsize SaaS and web property businesses that generate between $3-10m in Revenue and $500K+ in EBITDA

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