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Criteria Description
IT Service Companies Wanted
Classified #: 161018-8

Enterprise Value: $1 million to $20 million


We provide innovative, integrated, and comprehensive cloud computing solutions for organizations with complex requirements. Out team is acquiring IT service companies at target EV’s between $1m and $20m.

Focusing On Middle-Market Companies In The US
Classified #: 161018-9

EBITDA: $5 million to $150 million
Revenues: $20 million to $500 million


Our Business invests in a variety of businesses, industries, and geographic regions. We have expertise across multiple industries, including business services, consumer products, consumer services, energy, financial services, food, healthcare, industrials, manufacturing, media, and many other sectors.

We focus on middle-market companies in the US with EBITDA of $5 million to $150 million and principally target companies with a history of stable revenues typically from $20 million to $500 million, strong market and competitive positions, and proven management. We analyze each investment with a primary focus on preserving capital and generating current cash yields.

We seek Companies with strong market positions, positive industry dynamics and trends, strong customer relationships, barriers to entry, competitive advantages, a proven management team, low market or technology risks, consistent revenues and profitability (including recurring and visible cash flows), positive financial trends, a demonstrated ability to withstand an economic downturn, significant free cash flow, prudent capital structures, reasonable leverage amounts, and strong fixed-charge coverage.

Would Like To Acquire Amazon FBA Business
Classified #: 161017-1

Purchase Price: $200,000 to $350,000

Amazon, eBay

I have 3 years of experience in internet businesses and currently have a few operational sites. I am looking to add on businesses to my current portfolio. I am looking for businesses that would cost approx. between $200,000 to $350,000. I am more interested in 100% FBA models if possible and at least in business for 2-10 years.

Private Equity Firm Looking For Investments
Classified #: 160830-1

EBITDA: $2 million to $10 million


We are comfortable investing across various asset classes and industries, and throughout the entire capital structure of a company. Many of our activities to date have focused on technology, e-commerce, food & nutrition, and health & beauty. Our private equity investments focus on operating companies with an established track record of profitable operations and growth, we are industry and sector agnostic. Our typical investment criteria is: businesses generating at least $2 million – $10 million in annual EBITDA, a record of stable, consistent earnings power and a diversified customer/client base, an established niche expertise or stellar brand name and reputation, and businesses managed by a set of partners that we can fully trust.

Seeking Hosting And Other Business Opportunities
Classified #: 160818-1



I was a part of the investor group that acquired two hosting businesses in Ohio. The group is seeking other hosting and business opportunities.

Targeting Companies In Business To Business Services
Classified #: 160815-1

EBITDA: $2 million to $10 million


We are targeting companies primarily in business-to-business services, with an EBITDA range between $2-10M per year, and a history of growth (e.g. – we are not interested in turn-around opportunities at this time). We have committed capital, and would love to see any deals that would intersect with our interests.

Searching To Acquire And Grow One Business
Classified #: 160711-1

Revenues: $5 million to $40 million
Cash Flow: minimum $750,000
EBITDA: margin of 10%+


I am an entrepreneur and founder of an investment company searching to acquire and further grow ONE great business. Our ideal target is a niche business that has strong growth potential, recurring or a repeat revenue base, and a focus on services. We avoid businesses that have a retail and heavy manufacturing focus. The characteristics of the business that I am seeking: Annual revenue of $5 million to $40 million ; Minimum cash flow of $750,000 ; EBITDA margin of 10%+ ; Owner seeking to exit in 0-3 years ; Demonstrated business or industry growth ; Owners and senior management are looking to step away from day-to-day operational control.

Will Buy Companies With Revenues Of $1 Million
Classified #: 160529-1

Revenues: $1 million
EBITDA: 3 to 5 x


We’re looking to buy companies are doing at least 1mil/year in rev at x3-5 EBITDA, In addition, ideally companies that have been on the market for at least 12 months already.

Currently Looking For FBA Businesses
Classified #: 160527-1

Cash Flow: $5,000 to $10,000 per month


I am currently looking for an FBA business that is netting $5-$10K/month.

Buying Large SAAS Companies
Classified #: 160511-1

Revenues: >$2 million


We are focued on buying larger SAAS companies with >$2M annual revenues.

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