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Criteria Description
Searching for Saas
Classified #: 220308-1

Valuations: $20 million to $100 million


Deal size is $70m and I have funding in place.

Please keep me in mind as you come across any cash flowing B2B Saas with valuations in the $20m to $100m range.

Interesting Businesses With a Sell-Side Mandate
Classified #: 220304-1

EBITDA: $1.5 million to $2 million


I am looking to understand if there are any interesting businesses that you may have a sell-side mandate for. As a quick background, I am looking for businesses in the Commercial Services / Building Maintenance / Construction sector in the ~$1.5-$2.0mm EBITDA range.

We Buy Food and Other Manufacturing Businesses
Classified #: 220303-1

EBITDA: $2 million


We buy food and other manufacturing businesses in the US with a minimum EBITDA of $2M. If you have any relevant clients, know of any food/ingredient companies that would be interested in talking, or know any advisors we should meet, please reach out! We look forward to meeting you.

Looking for E comm $1m-$5m
Classified #: 220301-1

Purchase Price: $1 million to $5 million


My group is in the market for e commerce businesses in the range of $1m-$5m. The business must have at least 2 years of full financials and not be a covid specific product. The majority of sales must be in the US.

Actively Growing by Acquiring Additional Platform or Add-on Companies
Classified #: 220127-1

Revenues: $2 million to $20 million
EBITDA: $500,000 to $5 million


We are a privately held corporation that has been successfully acquiring companies throughout the US since 1977. Our operating companies had a very successful 2021 and we are looking to grow by acquiring additional platform or add-on companies. We are seeking to add one or more businesses to our portfolio this year.

• Target Revenue: Target EBITDA:
$2 to $20 million $500,000 to $5 million
• Characteristics
Proprietary or unique products with limited risk of obsolescence
Sustainable barriers to entry
Niche or specialty market
Positive cash flow
Proven business model
10% compounded annual growth
40% fully burdened Gross Margin

We only seek investments where we can obtain a controlling interest. Once acquired, our strategy is to build on the inherent strengths of the company’s people and its products by improving performance and pursuing new opportunities for long-term growth.

Looking to Acquire SaaS Businesses
Classified #: 220125-1

Revenues: $1 million to $10 million


We are a PE firm looking to acquire unprofitable SaaS businesses between $1M to $10M in revenue in the USA and Canada. We are quite comfortable with loss-making businesses with flat growth or companies with other “problems”. We are fine with SaaS businesses with a mix of SaaS and Services revenues or businesses with installed Windows Software, looking to migrate to Cloud.

Additional Criteria:

Type: B2B SaaS business with recurring revenue.
Age: 5+ years. Quite comfortable with 15+ years age of business.
Industries: Industry agnostic but prefer niche software with the uniquely positioned product.
Product Deployment: Comfortable with both Cloud and On-premise deployment.
Revenue: $1M to $10M revenue. The sweet spot is $5M.
Growth Rate: 0% to 20% growth rate.
Revenue Retention: 85% annual revenue retention.
Gross Margin: 75%+ Gross Margin.
Cap Table: Comfortable with complicated cap tables with a need for restructuring.
Debt: Comfortable with both companies with debt or without debt.
Geographies: Revenue and customers should be in the USA and Canada. Prefer the HQ to be in the USA and Canada.

Focusing on Small DTC and eCommerce Brands
Classified #: 220124-1

Revenues: $200,000 to $1 million

Ecommerce, Amazon

We are a holding company that combines eCommerce and financial expertise to acquire and scale small DTC and eCommerce brands. Our team of eCommerce and deals experts know how to collaborate with the seller and the advisors and to close quickly in a respectful process.

The best fits for us will include:
– Buyout or significant control positions
– Selling branded physical products
– Operation for at least 2 years with stable or growing traffic and revenue
– Focus on the US market (over 80% of revenue)
– Revenue of $200,000-$1,000,000 and a positive SDE
– Revenues from Amazon are less than 20%
– Defensible position and/or working in a niche market

Acquiring Amazon FBA, Online, Remotely Operated D2C Businesses
Classified #: 220114-1

Amazon Revenues: $0.8 million to $4 million
Ecommerce Revenues: $2 million to $6 million

Ecommerce, Amazon, B2B

We are acquiring, operating and scaling small to medium sized Amazon FBA / Online / Remotely operated D2C businesses.

Strategies and Brand Acquisition Criteria:

•Innovation Lead Products
– Has sales in one or more D2C channels as well as B2B that has been driven by inherent demand and interest
– The brand or product is 2-3 years old, patented and is hard to copy
– Brand has reached a critical mass of social media exposure and following or PR due to it being special
– Brand has been built by entrepreneurs with a clear vision we can develop further
– Revenues generated from few concentrated SKUs
– Generated between $2M – $6M in revenue and $0.5M – $2M in SDE net profit
– Experiencing double digit growth

•Unique Amazon FBA
– It has a solid Amazon exposure of +80% of its revenue but still has the potential to grow
– Product has a solid market share in its category, unique customer value proposition and has room to grow in the market
– Preferably Amazon FBA
– Brand has been built by entrepreneurs with a clear vision we can develop further
– Revenues generated from few concentrated SKUs
– Generated between $0.8M – $4M in revenues and $0.2M – $1M in SDE net profit
– SDE net profit margin is at least 25%
– Experiencing double digit growth

Category and Brand Criteria
• Sports & Fitness
• Hobbies & Outdoor
• Wellness & Beauty
• Better Home & Garden

Looking To Acquire E-commerce Shopify Sites
Classified #: 220114-2

Revenues: $500,000


I represent a large VC firm and we are looking to acquire a few more Shopify ecommerce sites.

We are looking for an ecommerce site that has at least 80% of its sales through Shopify. Must have at least $500K 12 month trailing revenue and most of the sales in the US.

Looking for Private Label Amazon FBA Stores
Classified #: 211214-1

Purchase Price: $300,000 to $350,000


We are looking for a private label Amazon FBA store to acquire. Our budget is up to 300-350K$ including inventory. We are also able invest more if there will be a financing option.

We are looking for stores with simple products, non electronic, better for small products. We are interested in several niches.

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