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Criteria Description
In The Market To Acquire Ecommerce Opportunities
Classified #: 160120-2

Cash Flow: $200,000 to $1 million


Looking for acquisition opportunities in the $200k-$1M cash flow range. Mostly interested in eCommerce at this stage, but happy to take a look at other models.

Looking To Buy Digital Advertising Agencies
Classified #: 160119-1

Must Have Recurring Monthly Revenues

Social Media, AdSense

We are an investment company focused on New Age Advertising & Technology. Our digital agency network operates across UAE and South Asia. We are looking to buy a few Digital Advertising Agencies who primarily offers the following features:- Established Name (No franchise); – A sizable customer portfolio; – A Sales Process in place with a local sales force comprising of at least 2-5 Sales Persons; – Recurring monthly revenue ideally from PPC, SEO, Social Media, etc.

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