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Each day we are contacted by buyers looking for a “particular business”. Often their criteria or industry niche is very specific and may not match what is currently available for-sale online. They leave us their details and request we keep on the lookout for a good match.

If you or someone you know has an online business for sale that matches any of the criteria below, give our online business brokers at Website Properties a call. We have a buyer looking for you!

Criteria Description
Buying Large SAAS Companies
Classified #: 160511-1

Revenues: >$2 million


We are focued on buying larger SAAS companies with >$2M annual revenues.

Acquiring Passive Income Businesses
Classified #: 160420-1

Monthly Recurring Revenues


Looking to buy online businesses with mostly passive income that requires little time. I really like the affiliate model but I am also interested in other SAAS and monthly recurring revenue businesses.

Focused On Acquiring E-Commerce Businesses
Classified #: 160401-1

Purchase Price: $5 million


We are a private equity sponsor focused on acquiring e-commerce businesses. The firm has $5m ready to deploy and six portfolio companies. Our operating partner is a boutique e-commerce management company with over a decade of experience in managing and marketing e-businesses. I am willing to review many businesses.

Aggressively Expanding Our Portfolio
Classified #: 160328-1

Purchase Price: $1 million to $5 million


I manage a private investment company focused exclusively on online assets. We are funded by principals. We are looking to aggressively expand our portfolio from $25m to $50m over the next year. What we are looking for: Under monetized companies requiring technical, marketing, and/or financial expertise. The ideal deal size: Sweet spot is $1m-$5m but we’ll look at anything within $500k – $10m.

Seeking Businesses With Solid Financials And Proprietary Brand
Classified #: 160314-1

Net Profits: $500,000 to $2 million


I’m focused on closing a deal in the next three months. I’m only looking for businesses doing between $500k-$2,000,000 in net profit with solid financials. A proprietary brand and repeat/recurring buyers are nice as well. I have the financial ability to close a deal quickly.

Actively Purchasing Manufacturing Companies
Classified #: 160208-1

EBITDA: $1 million to $10 million


Looking for new opportunities, especially larger companies, as we are actively purchasing manufacturing companies. Historically, we’ve purchased companies north of $1MM of EBITDA, up to $10MM+ of EBITDA. We’re a family office and use our own capital to purchase manufacturing companies across the country to hold in our portfolio permanently.

Wanting To Purchase Companies In The Business Services, B2B, Consumer Products Sector
Classified #: 160201-1

EBITDA: $500,000 to $3.5 million

Ecommerce, B2B

I am the managing partner of a family office and private investment firm with seven current investments and over $25M of liquid capital to invest in new acquisitions. We are seeking control investments in companies with $500k to $3.5M in ebitda in the business services/BtoB, consumer products/services, as well as education and health services, marketing, media, advertising and online sectors.

Ideal Acquisition Is In Management Roles
Classified #: 160125-1

EBITDA: $2 million to $5 million


We’re looking to not only acquire a company, but also to take management roles at the company. As a result, our ideal situation is one in which an owner is looking to step back from the business, but does not have a clear succession plan in place. We have identified a few new priority industries that we are especially interested in at this time: Fleet telematics and management; Forensic labs; Environmental remediation firms; Pilot training schools and other specialty career education; Fertility and gender determination clinics; Medical and specialty adhesives. That said, we are open to any opportunities that would be a good fit with our model with $2M – $5M in EBITDA.

Unique Private Equity Group Looking To Grow New Companies
Classified #: 160120-1

EBITDA: $2 million to $15 million
Revenues: $25 million to $150 million


Unique private equity group that behaves more like a strategic acquirer than a typical financial buyer. We generally hold companies for the long-term and we do not over-leverage them, instead applying decades of business experience to operate and grow them responsibly. Financial Criteria – Revenue between $25m – $150m; EBITDA between $2m – $15m; EBITDA margin above 10%; Enterprise value up to $100m. Target Industries – Business Services; Consumer Services – Education, Specialized Services; Consumer – Branded Durables & Apparel, Food and Beverage, Sporting Goods/Equipment, Personal Products; Financial Services – Consumer Finance and Financial Technology; Industrials – Construction, Equipment Rental, Machinery, Transportation; Manufacturing – Heavy and Light; Retail; Value-added Distribution.

In The Market To Acquire Ecommerce Opportunities
Classified #: 160120-2

Cash Flow: $200,000 to $1 million


Looking for acquisition opportunities in the $200k-$1M cash flow range. Mostly interested in eCommerce at this stage, but happy to take a look at other models.

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