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Criteria Description
Currently Seeking Established Amazon Jewelry Brands
Classified #: 210720-2

EBITDA: $500,000 to $1 million


My company is looking for established Amazon jewelry brands. We are looking at acquiring any business with a minimum of $500K – $1M in EBITDA.

Looking for Amazon FBA Businesses In The Jewelry Space
Classified #: 210702-1

Revenues: $5 million


We are an FBA seller with several businesses on Amazon at present. We are looking to acquire Amazon FBA businesses in the jewelry space doing $5M in revenue.

Presently Looking for E-commerce Businesses
Classified #: 210617-1

Revenues: $1,000,000


We are a Singapore-based e-commerce aggregator that acquires e-commerce businesses based in the Asia Pacific, selling via channels such as Amazon, Shopify, Shopee, Lazada, etc.

Presently, we are looking for e-commerce businesses with the following characteristics:
• Annual revenues of at least USD 1,000,000
• 100% online business with more than 2 years of operations
• Brand owners domiciled in the APAC region (but could also explore opportunities in other regions)

Actively Searching for Attractive Healthcare-Focused Acquisition Targets
Classified #: 210608-1

Revenue: $1 million
EBITDA: $250,000


I am the owner of a growing federal healthcare contractor. We are actively searching for attractive healthcare-focused acquisition targets with the following attributes:

• ≥$1M annual revenue (preferably $3M+) with ≥$250K adj. EBITDA

• 3-5x valuation range – not based on unsustainable COVID demand spikes

• Healthcare or Behavioral Health services (anything outside of home health/hospice/elder care or mental health practices/SUD – we are not interested in these verticals). *Does not need to be in the government contracting space.

• Geographically agnostic

Seeking Investments in the Digital Marketing Agency Space
Classified #: 210608-2

EBITDA: $1.5 million +

SAAS, Social Media

We are actively seeking investments in the digital marketing agency space to execute a buy and build strategy. We are seeking targets with the following feature set:

EBITDA: $1.5+ Million

Geography: U.S.

Services: Provides recurring digital marketing services including SEO and web development; pay per click and social media services are a plus.

Client Focus: Small and medium size customers / Local service providers (Avg. client monthly recurring revenue of $500 – $2,000).

Potential Deals in the Pet Consumables Space
Classified #: 210603-1

Revenue: $10 million +
EBITDA: $1 million

Ecommerce, Amazon

The rise of pet ownership, the shift to buying pet goods online, and the “humanization” of pets by millennial consumers, has brought us to build our next platform -an Omni-Channel Pet Supplies business.

Please reach out with any potential deals in the pet consumables space or related industries, as detailed below:

• $10m+ Revenue // $1m+ EBITDA
• Branded Goods: one or more self-branded SKUs
• Consumables: Repeat revenue businesses
• Channel: Online (Amazon FBA; Chewy), Offline (large chains; specialty retail), DTC, or omni-channel
• Excellent Product Quality: Highly reviewed products with a strong customer following. Natural form and function; sustainable

• Supplements: Zesty Paws, NaturVet, PetHonest
• Food & Treats: Benebone, Cloud Star, Natural Farm
• Toys: Kong, ZippyPaws, Feeko
• Pet Waste Solutions: EarthRated, PetSafe, SincoPet
• Grooming & Cleaning: Rocco & Roxie, Pets Are Friends Too, Earthbath

Interested to Acquire Online E-commerce Site
Classified #: 210528-1

Revenue: $600,000
Purchase Price: $1,200,000

Ecommerce, Amazon

We are currently looking to acquire online e-commerce that have a revenue of at least USD 600.000 and that are for sale for less than USD 1.200.000. We are mostly looking for FBA Amazon accounts

Expanding Through Acquisition in the Amazon Space
Classified #: 210519-1

EBITDA: $1 to $2 million


We are an Amazon seller that is looking to expand through acquisition. We are well capitalized and we are looking to move quickly. We are looking for a company with a strong Amazon presence in just about any category EXCEPT health and wellness, which includes beauty and supplements. Anything else is an opportunity we would look to take on. From a size perspective….ideally looking to buy between 1-2mm in EBITDA.

Searching for a Business to Acquire
Classified #: 210514-1

EBITDA: $1.5 to $6 million


We recently completed our fundraise and are now searching for a business to acquire. We are specifically interested in businesses in education, healthcare, business services, and the sustainability/environmental sectors, however, primarily we want to move quickly toward acquiring an attractive business, regardless of sector. Upon acquiring a business, we aim to be the primary operators of the business and therefore provide an attractive succession alternative to your clients.

Principally, we are looking for a business with a strong history of growth, customers who purchase the product/service on a regular basis and $1.5m to $6m of annual EBITDA.

Currently Seeking To Buy An Online Service Business
Classified #: 210510-1

SDE – $350 to $500


I’m seeking to buy an online service business generating $350-$500 SDE in the coaching and development industry for the opportunity to grow our startup through acquisition. We are looking to buy cash.

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