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Selling your websites and other online businesses is likely to be one of the most important decisions you will make this year. You’ve spent many years building and nurturing your business, its important you find a website business broker that will treat your website for sale with the same professionalism and care you used to build it.

At Website Properties, we are here to ensure that the sale and transition of your internet business is handled with care – professionally and competently. Our client focused staff will help every step of the way, always representing you and your company with the highest degree of quality and impeccability.

If you are looking for a website broker with the exceptional expertise to sell your internet business, you’ve come to the right place!!

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Selling your website business.


Experienced representation that gets results fast.

Experience On Your Side

At Website Properties, we are not just experienced online business brokers offering the very best in expert website broker services, we are internet entrepreneurs as well. The partners at our firm are independent business people who have collectively developed, operated and sold over 50 Internet-based businesses in the last 17 years. We understand traditional eCommerce websites, content portals, online advertising and important marketplaces like or We know from our personal experience the effort you’ve invested in your business and understand how to represent it to attain its greatest market value.

Time Proven Process

Our proven sales process that has been at work for over 17 years and has sold hundreds of websites and more than $100M online businesses just like yours. It all starts with a free, no-obligation website business evaluation. We’ll work with you to understand your business, its financial history and all of its unique facets. From its domain name to website traffic, vendor relationships and all the other intangible assets and aspects of your business, we review them all to ensure your evaluation represents the real market value of your business. [more…]

Extensive Buyers Client List

Our private buyers’ list has over 20,000 clients with acquisition criteria ranging from $100k to $25m and covering most every industry. This list is made up of active, professional buyers and generates interest in your business almost immediately. In addition, we’ll use our network of 10 business for sale portals, venture capital contacts, and high net-worth individuals to further spread the word. We’ll get your business “front & center” with tens of thousands of buyers in just a few days, leading quickly to interest and ultimately to an offer that works for you.

Detailed Business Valuation

In business, as the old adage goes, time is money. That said, there is definitely a lot to be said for accuracy. At Website Properties, we endeavor to deliver on both. We work with you to understand your business & finances in detail, re-cast your discretionary expenses and make sure your valuation is based on the true value of your business not just a cursory view of the numbers. We are dedicated to getting you the kind of valuation you need, an accurate one

Hassle Free Service

Our service is a comprehensive, end-to-end offering that takes you from listing your business to finding a buyer to close the deal. Throughout the process, our brokers will keep you posted on all of the serious buyer interest to ensure you are always in the driver’s seat of your business sales transaction. All our fees are performance-based so your goals and our goals are always aligned…to create the best exit for you and your business.

Customized Representation

With 17 years of experience and hundreds of websites sold, we know that no two online businesses are the same. We treat each opportunity as a unique business and invest the time & resources to know, understand, value and market each business with the intent to find a buyer to maximize the sale for our clients. All our listings are handled by a skilled team and a dedicated business broker with years of industry experience. There is no processing, on-boarding or hand-offs to inexperienced or out-sourced brokers.

Some kind words from our clients.


”I worked with a broker to sell my newspaper in New England so when it was time to sell my online business in Florida I started a long search for a reliable company. I choose a local broker who “seemed” knowledgeable. Unfortunately they had no idea of how to sell an internet business. I quickly terminated the contract and started a new search. Of course every internet broker claims to be the best so I visited websites they “sold.” Then I emailed and/or called the site owners. The testimonials of several brokers included websites that were no longer active so I eliminated these. Only one broker stood above all others, Website Properties.

When contacted them, I was impressed with the information they required before listing my business. They took a sincere interest in all facets of my company and worked diligently with me to ensure my business met their criteria. They worked on facts and figures. They wanted to know exactly what my company did – in detail; the type of customers; reputation, etc. It was very refreshing. They brought several potential buyers to the table and one was a perfect fit. The deal was quick, clean and professional.

If I decide to create a new internet business, I know who will sell it when the time comes. If you are looking for the best possible broker, you’ve found them. I am impressed with their tenacity – even the followup after the sale proves Website Properties knows their business and the value their clients.”

Lucia R.E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Florida