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Network of Affiliate Driven Downloadable Product

Asking Price: $4,350,000

This listing is an exciting network of commercial websites, serving popular niches such as self-development, writers, power-user software, and "beat the system" guides which can be considered to be a mini The network is well established in each niche, and additionally owns and runs numerous forums and online radio stations for each market. Over 66% of revenue comes from the highly-profitable SELF-DEVELOPMENT niche. That's a huge amount. If you want INSTANT domination of this market, you need this company! The company also enjoys a network-wide affiliate program consisting of over 19,000 affiliates. It has enjoyed almost 550,000 purchases during its history, and has major newsletters in each niche - with its self-development newsletter currently reaching 130,000+ subscribers. Traffic over the Trailing 12 months has reached over 32 million! The entire network is highly-automated: a customer can place an order, receive the product and get started, all without any human interaction. This high level of automation makes it possible to maintain the network with only around 20 minutes input per day, maximum, and can be run from anywhere in the world. Today, the actual business is currently UK-based, but can be relocated without any problems. Main servers are US-based. For sale is the *entire* network - incorporating all of the commercial sites, customer database, affiliate program, forums, radio stations and more. By buying this network, you'd instantly become a leader in a variety of niche markets - particularly self-development. Think - but owning all of the sites yourself!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $2,576,047
Cash Flow $1,383,312
Archive Date 10-10-2010
Status Archived
Year Established 2002
Employees 1 FT 7 CW
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category E-Book/E-Product/Newsletter
Industry Information Services
Location United Kingdom
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Advertising/PPC/Adsense

Building upon this network's well established websites, popular niches, large database & subscriber list, huge traffic and profitability, this company has plenty of room for continued growth. Some ideas to take it to the next level include employing a product creator to coordinate future projects, speeding up production and ultimately revenue, hiring an SEO company to assist with site rankings as this area has not been focused upon at all, monetizing the forums through weekly newsletters to the ~15,000 loyal members, creating simple subscriber-based sites and subscription-model products.


While there may be competitors for the individual sites, due to its unique set up, the network itself does not have any direct competitors.

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