For Sale:

Set of Exercise Equipment Niche Review Websites

Asking Price: $2,250,000

This business opportunity includes two complimentary websites. Both are review and information sites covering brands, products and buying tips for purchasing two different popular types of exercise equipment. They offer easy to compare product ratings charts, strengths and weaknesses, 'Best Buys', buying tips and coupons for people to buy their chosen fitness equipment at a discount. With 5 years of history, one of the sites is one of the oldest review sites of its kind on the net and has top organic search engine positions for high demand keywords. Because of its history and content, the sites also have built up several strong partnerships with top merchants in their industry. They have a strong internet presence with many articles and backlinks leading back to them. With no product merchandise and revenues coming from affiliate sales, there is no inventory to manage. As such, this businesses are home based and can be operated at any location. The owner spends about 5-20 hours per week updating the websites, adding new site pages & reviews and submitting articles to directories. They generate several streams of affiliate income mainly from 7 different fitness brands . They also generate affiliate income from Amazon and a smaller revenue stream from Google Adsense. The websites show year over year growth (despite the recession) with a combined average annual increase in net profits of 40%! This is an excellent opportunity for a buyer to acquire established, reputable information website businesses with huge affiliate driven established profits and continued growth potential!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $745,876
Cash Flow $737,932
Archive Date 05-03-2010
Status Archived
Year Established 2004
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Authority/Information Portal
Industry Health, Wellness and Fitness
Location Canada, Ontario
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Advertising/PPC/Adsense

Building upon its foundation of being well established in the industry, excellent keyword ranking, high traffic and growing profits, this business can be taken into the next level of growth by increased marketing efforts. Future trends will be in the coupon, promo code and discount equipment area. Other areas that should be explored include translating the sites into Spanish to capture this rapidly growing demographic language online in the U.S., creating a newsletter to consistently advertise promotions and post video reviews.


While there are competitors in the industry, the sites have many advantages and attributes that put it ahead of any other. They have a long history (with one site being the oldest review site in this industry), have more up to date pricing and links, have easy to compare prices with ratings on each brand page and the design and layout have been proven for higher conversions.

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