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Incentivized Promotional CPA Offers Passive Income Website

Asking Price: $275,000

This website business was created as a way to monetize downloads and generates revenue through incentivized promotional CPA offers.  Once registered for an account, members can upload music, photos, documents or any file they would like to share as a downloadable file.  The site then provides the member with a URL, that they can safely share with others, which includes either promotional offers or a subscription from an advertiser.  Users participate in the various incentive advertisements offered through all of its members’ downloadable files.  Advertisers pay the website every time an action is completed on their offer and the site in turn pays a small amount to the member for using their download as a form to present the offer.  This website keeps the difference.  The site also receives income through memberships. This model has proven successful in just a short time with the site currently generating over $100k in net profit for the trailing 12 months providing a passive income stream for the partners.   The website takes only about 4.5 hours per week in total to operate making this a great source of passive income.   The business is currently operated from a home office.  It can be easily relocated and operated from any location with internet access.    With its steady stream of profits, large customer base, huge traffic and minimal time requirements to operate providing a great source of passive income, this is an excellent opportunity for a buyer to acquire and take to the next level through new marketing efforts!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $132,402
Cash Flow $103,372
Archive Date 01-15-2012
Status Archived
Year Established 2010
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Advertising Directory/Incentives
Industry Internet
Location USA, Texas (Collin)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Access to Site/Memberships

Building upon its foundation, there is plenty of room to expand this internet businesses further.   Considering increasing the frequency of payouts to members by changing to a bi-monthly payment system is one idea to  attract new affiliates from the competition thus expanding the downloads available for offers and increasing the potential for revenues.  The owners are willing to share their further ideas for continuing to grow this website business.  


Having consistent interaction with its members and higher payout rates gives this site the competitive advantage. 

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