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Fitness Gear and Products Ecommerce Website

Asking Price: $75,000

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has grown over the decade into a respected multi-million dollar sport with increased media coverage, generating huge pay-per-view revenues and large corporate sponsors vying to target the coveted demographic group of males ages 18-34.  As an avid sports fan with a passion for Martial Arts, the Mixed Martial Arts industry was a natural area for the current owner to create a website business which today includes Mixed Martial Arts workout gear, crossfit gear and other fitness products in addition to workout series DVDs.  90% of inventory is stocked with the remaining 10% dropshipped directly from the vendor.  The current inventory value is approx. $15,000.  This website business is run from a home based office, is easily relocateable and can be operated from any location with internet access.   The owner spends about 7 hours per week handling all business operations including any email blasts, packing & shipping, adding products, and inventory.   Not only is MMA a huge market right now, the fitness and "functional" fitness like cross fit is expanding exponentially right now!  This site could easily merge the MMA fitness products with the cross fit industry.  This website is well established with an excellent ecommerce platform & professional design in a growing industry making the site perfectly positioned for a new owner to take the site to the next level of growth with new marketing efforts!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $58,000
Cash Flow $31,162
Archive Date 10-25-2012
Status Archived
Year Established 2004
Employees 0
Inventory 3
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Recreation and Sports
Location USA, California (San Luis Obispo)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Products/Services

The business is perfectly positioned for a new owner to take the site to the next level of growth with new marketing efforts.  Some ideas for future growth include focusing on new and innovative products in the market right now, provide an online newsletter or email blasts with promotions and specials to increase repeat business and create additional content to attract visitors and increase keyword positioning by providing industry related articles.


This business has had a competitive advantage in the industry through its exclusivity to a specific video series and DVD box sets.  In addition, some of its key vendor accounts would be very difficult for a new company to open, if at all, creating high barriers to entry for new competitors.

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