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Storage Auction Schedules Website

Asking Price: $150,000

This website is the only resource that provides a comprehensive storage auction schedule for five major cities in Texas.  The site uses a highly effective approach to gather information and publishes the most comprehensive weekly storage auction schedule available for the five cities in Texas for its members.  This website even provides information on storage auctions that are unavailable on any other website.  Its customers are people who attend storage auctions for the purpose of reselling pre-owned merchandise such as owners of thrift stores, resale shops, antique & collectible stores and people who resell merchandise through garage sales, flea markets, Ebay & Craigslist.   The site has a strong following and an excellent reputation among storage auction buyers in these cities.  Consequently, the professional storage auction buyers in these cities are one of its best sources of advertisement and the website is considered an authority site for storage auctions in Texas.  With no physical inventory to manage, this website business is run from a home based office. The site is easily relocateable and can be operated from any location with internet access.  The owner spends about 3 days per week preparing the auction lists and handling any marketing or SEO.  One contractor assists in gather auction information.  The new owner may choose to work with her, hire someone else or perform the work on their own.  With its growing sales & profits, low overhead, top search positioning for location specific keywords, sizeable traffic and excellent industry reputation, this is an excellent opportunity for a buyer to capitalize on a lucrative business at the start of a powerful upward trend riding the wave to its next level of growth!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $50,094
Cash Flow $47,215
Archive Date 07-30-2013
Status Archived
Year Established 2011
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Authority/Information Portal
Industry Internet
Location USA, Texas (Bell)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Access to Site/Memberships

There is tremendous growth opportunity with this business.  Some ideas recommended for future growth include: focus on SEO and targeted traffic, expand to other cities within Texas, make a Spanish version of the website and create PPC campaigns in Spanish to reach the huge Spanish speaking population in Texas and create a mobile friendly version of the site for its tech savvy members.


While there is some competition for this website business, the other sites deliver an inferior product and cannot compete in quality & reputation.  Anyone who has used one of the competitors is usually blown away when they see this site’s auction list.

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