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Gourmet Coffee Products Online Business

Asking Price: $600,000

Coffee is more than popular: it's ubiquitous. No other beverage is as revered or respected. It can be seen in offices, during commutes, and on kitchen counter tops worldwide.  After crude oil, coffee is the most sought after commodity in the world, worth over $100 Billion worldwide.   Operating in this huge industry, this listing is for an online gourmet coffee store whose brand is built on distinctive flavor profiles that appeal to the sophisticated pallets and selective buying habits of gourmet aficionados. The packaging, presentation, marketing and premium pricing of this company’s products have been very successful and allowed it to grow its profits in double digit percentages for the past three years.    

The company’s Amazon Store presently represents 85% of its sales with a 95% lifetime customer satisfaction rating.  In 2003, the company was invited by Amazon to be one of the first 100 Marketplace Sellers (Seller Central) on their then-new Gourmet Food Store, which has since been closed to new sellers.  With a stellar performance, 82% sales through the Seller Central model, Amazon rewarded the site with the highest possible seller rating of 100.  Then in 2008, Amazon invited the company to be one of the first sellers on the new Grocery Store as a Vendor Central model, in which Amazon purchases products and take ownership of the product.  This is a huge business advantage and an indication of the company’s quality, as this is seen more as an ‘exclusive club’.   With 96 million unique visits per month in the US alone, Amazon dominates online marketing and those Marketplace Sellers glean the rewards and the brand awareness!  In past years and again in the 2014 Holiday Season, Amazon has designated this business’ gift sampler as being their No.1 Best Seller in Gourmet Coffee Gifts. 

75% of orders are fulfilled by Amazon from their warehouses throughout the US.  The remainder of orders are fulfilled from the company warehouse.  The current inventory value for the items on hand is approx. $225,000.  The website is successfully operated by a husband and wife team who handle all aspects of business operations.  Additionally, there are two contactors who produce finished goods.  This business is easily relocateable, can be operated from any location with internet access and if a new owner had enough space could be operated fully from a home office.    

This business has proven sales & growth, longevity of 14 years in the industry, strong brand awareness with excellent reputation, numerous Amazon milestones/recognitions and key well established vendor relationships.   All of these aspects make this gourmet coffee store an outstanding business opportunity for any buyer to acquire!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $808,060
Cash Flow $181,816
Archive Date 11-19-2015
Status Archived
Year Established 2001
Employees 0
Inventory 3
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Food & Beverages
Location USA, California (Los Angeles)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Products/Services

Building upon its established Amazon foundation and stellar performance, this business is perfectly positioned for a new owner to take the site to the next level of growth.  Strategies to continue business growth and profitability are expanding the K-cup product, coffee gift product lines and manufacturing capacity to fulfill this expansive market opportunity.



This business has a competitive advantage over others in this space in that they have been successful in firmly establishing its name brand as a high quality, great tasting coffee.  With 14 years experience growing, selecting, manufacturing and selling in this niche the owners have built a product set, vendor relationships and marketing channels that allow this company to excel in this niche.

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