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All Natural Proprietary Products for Depression and Anxiety

Asking Price: $300,000

According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and the World Health Organization, an estimate of over 350 Million people of all ages show some signs of clinical depression. With such staggering numbers, the WHO considers depression to be the leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.  Prescriptions for depression and anxiety are now handed out like candy yet people are sick, frustrated, have suicidal tendencies and random acts of violence are at all-time highs.  The market is thirsty for an answer using non-toxic and holistic approaches.  This company delivers the truth in healing at a cellular level with education at the core.

After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety over 6 years ago and suffering the side effects associated with traditional medicines commonly prescribed for its treatment, the founder of this business was set on a path of research and discovery of health and holistic healing to find a natural solution.  During this time of thorough research, he came into contact with medical doctors who supported his endeavors and together they created products to offer a natural solution to depression and anxiety.
The company’s products alleviate depression, anxiety, anxious feelings and menopausal hot flashes by utilizing all natural ingredients with zero synthetics or side effects, while delivering a second to none email follow up, protocol and process that people simply aren’t getting in their medical institutions and doctor’s offices using Big Pharma.  It has two proprietary, private label products currently on the market sold primarily through its Amazon marketplace channel with inventory currently stocked and handled via Amazon FBA.  Current value for product on hand is about $5k and is included with the sale.  Operated by one owner, the business has had consistent sales of about $10k per month with excellent margins….64% Net Profit Margin!
Amazon has provided a great starting point to present its products to the world with 97% of sales currently generated through its Amazon store.  After recently securing a coveted spot as a Vendor Central Account, the company will soon begin selling wholesale to Amazon bringing the next expansion and increase in sales.  In addition to its Amazon presence, there exists a great opportunity to expand the business by promoting products through its own website. 
The enormity of this marketplace/industry, the growing trend toward natural/holistic alternatives to traditional medicine and the success & support for this company’s products to date offer a huge opportunity to build from its established foundation and grow this business into a global leader in holistic health with a direct focus in depression and anxiety.  
With its proprietary patent pending brand, collateral material, clinical trials, Board of Advisors, Amazon Vendor Central account and Brand Registry and growing sales, this business is poised for exploding growth making this a great investment opportunity to get in near the ground and be a part of not only something life changing for potentially millions of people but a part of its tremendous success!  

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $142,825
Cash Flow $95,123
Archive Date 08-17-2016
Status Archived
Year Established 2013
Employees 0
Inventory 2
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Health, Wellness and Fitness
Location USA, Utah (Weber)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Products/Services

Building upon its established foundation and growing sales, there still lies tremendous opportunity for future growth of this company.  Marketing strategies for further growth and expansion include: increase advertising, source new leads for other collateral material supporting its products and add new branded products (ideas for two new products already underway).


The company has competitive advantages in the industry by providing all natural, non-toxic proprietary products which offer a solution to the widespread and often debilitating illness…depression, that are exclusive and difficult to duplicate.  In addition, the information and education provided with its products along with excellent customer service that is missing wholeheartedly in the medical system sets this business apart in the industry and is appreciated by its customers.    


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