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Personal Injury Lead Generation Business Opportunity

Asking Price: $3,000,000

 With traffic accidents on the rise, many of which are caused by human choices or at fault drivers, so too are the number of people that require legal representation to address the physical, mental and financial stress associated with these incidents.  Each day thousands of California residents are in search of an attorney experienced in dealing with car accident related injuries or fatalities to represent them in the aftermath of an accident.


Accordingly, competition for the Personal Injury (PI) cases in California is fierce and the job of finding/closing new personal injury cases has always been a critical task for growing legal firms. TV advertisements, billboards, print and radio along with online advertising are all mediums to reach out to potential clients in search of representation, but given the rate of competition, the cost of those campaigns can be staggering.

Competition for PI cases on Google and Bing have driven prices for clicks in California to values rarely seen in search advertising. Keywords for personal injury lawyers can reach over $500 per click and are second only to cancer related search terms in value.  Accordingly, online advertising requires highly specialized strategy, monitoring, testing, and analytics to be truly effective.  Utilizing powerful geo targeting techniques and in-depth analytics that are unlike any other advertising company in the field, this marketing company has a proven track record of delivering results for law firms in California.

This company is a highly specialized online marketing firm focused on delivering highly qualified leads directly to your law firm, in the geographic and practice areas you specify. With years of experience capturing clicks online, they understand that no two legal firms, geographies or practice areas are alike and can effectively tailor custom marketing solutions for each client to ensure success and profitability.

This opportunity offers law firms access to a turnkey system for generating a high volume of new personal injury cases ongoingly.  With a track record of performance and the continued support of the experienced business’ team, the revenue stream associated with this opportunity is conservatively valued at $5-6 million dollars per year.

This listing is for a licensing agreement for a lead generation service in the Personal Injury Legal industry exclusive for California State.  As the company itself is not for sale, the price is not based on a multiple of its cash flow but instead based on the value of this company’s proven, high quality and high converting leads to attorneys in the Personal Injury market.  Law firms receiving 100 cases per month that generate an average of $15k in settlement value multiplied by 33% avg. attorney fees over 12 months would realize about $6M in Gross Revenues (100 Cases X $15,000 Settlement Value X 33% Attorney Fee = $495,000 per month).  With an average net profit margin of 19.5% for the legal industry, that equates to almost $1.2M in profits annually.

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $5,999,400
Cash Flow $1,169,883
Archive Date 05-06-2017
Status Archived
Year Established 2014
Employees 0
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Legal
Location USA, California (Los Angeles)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Products/Services

 In addition to the simple estimated value shown above, a high volume and consistent influx of cases will ultimately lead to the acquisition of many more large settlement fatality claims than may normally be found by traditional means. Add that to the referral business associated with a case volume of this size and the overall future value of those 75-100 monthly cases could easily double.



 With over 10,300 attorneys competing for PI cases in California alone, the job of finding and closing new personal injury cases is critical for growing legal firms. Marketing channels like TV, radios and billboards, while traditionally used and well understood, are expensive and not particularly well targeted.   With years of experience in personal injury related terms in the California market, this company has created the content, analytical data and experience required to deliver results each and every month.


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