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Trademarked Brand Umbrella Amazon FBA Business

Asking Price: $2,500,000

Once thought to be seasonal, umbrellas are in fact a must have item year-round.   From UV umbrellas for summer to Fashionable umbrellas, to Beach Umbrellas, Travel umbrellas or Family umbrellas… the possibilities are almost endless.  The product is low cost, always in demand and has a broad demographic appeal. In the US the average person owns about 2.1 umbrellas creating an annual market, in the United States alone, of around $350 million.
Before the company launched its first product, the owner studied hundreds of umbrellas, read all the positive and negative reviews online and tried to come up with improved versions at an affordable price. Using the data gleaned from real-life feedback, the company worked closely with its supplier to develop several improved umbrella designs by upgrading and improving the quality of components over several iterations.
Launched on Amazon in 2015, the trademarked brand offers multiple types of umbrellas and has become a well-recognized brand in the Amazon marketplace.  The company has received high seller feedback ratings, high product rankings and several Amazon badges which are crucial to success on Amazon for any retailer.
While the majority of sales are generated through Amazon, the company does have some sales generated through an established website built on the Shopify ecommerce platform.
The business has been growing since inception.  This trend has continued in 2018 with total Sales for the year up 104% and Profits up 102% over 2017! 
With no inventory to physically handle as all product is shipped direct to Amazon FBA and a US fulfillment center, the owner operates the business from a home-based office which also makes the business easily relocatable and able to be operated from any location with internet access.
Acquisition of this trademarked brand is a remarkable opportunity for a new owner to walk into a turnkey operation, enjoy the growth that has been built up since inception and capitalize on the established relationships already in place with key supplier and Amazon FBA!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $3,221,921
Cash Flow $909,601
Archive Date 03-31-2019
Status Archived
Year Established 2015
Employees 0
Inventory 3
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Consumer Goods
Location USA, Delaware (New Castle)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Products/Services

Building upon its successful foundation, there are many ways to continue to grow the business including: expand to other Amazon marketplaces (Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, Australia, Japan), enter other marketplaces and add new products. 


The owner knew when he started the company that he needed to differentiate the brand to effectively compete on Amazon.  Some of the Brand’s product competitive advantages include: high-quality components, extra features, greater functionality and improved technological design.  Having been featured in multiple publications, blog posts, social media and comparison sites, the brand is well recognized.  

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