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Strong Enterprise Level SaaS Company – Patent Pending

Asking Price: $20,000,000

2019 Projections: Gross Revenue: $16,020,000, EBITDA: $6,178,357 
This Company is a developer of a Proprietary Software Solution that is shifting the software industry in the realm that they operate in. They have a fully automated software product that can detect impact zones before software enhancements are introduced to an enterprise. 
Large organizations typically have tens of thousands of business applications and databases of various technologies all of which have dependencies and touch points with each other. IT teams do not have a view of every dependency across every application and database in the enterprise. Whenever there is a need to make system changes in the organization, IT departments spend weeks and months trying to comprehend the scope of change and what will get impacted and broken if proposed changes were to be made. This is still a manual process in today’s day and age and also highly error prone. 
The company’s Software is the industry’s first and only fully automated solution and is currently patent pending under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which will make the patents enforceable globally. The Proprietary Software Solution was developed over 3 years.
The company’s IT Solution Proprietary Development during the financial year 2018 that started during the 4th quarter generated revenues amounting to $1,007,000. These revenues came from 13 clients of which half of them were paying and half were non-paying clients with projects in the pipeline. In 2019, they will be expecting over $15 million in qualified pipeline deals from an additional 28 new clients for the enterprise package and 22 new clients in the SMB pay as you go package.
Key Milestones:
AWS has named the company’s Proprietary Software Solution as a technology to watch out for. Amazon Web Services, Accenture and Avanade are partners with the company. First customers claim time and cost savings in excess of 40% with the company’s Proprietary Software Solution. Microsoft has made a “strategic investment” into the company’s Proprietary Software Solution to fund the design and development of a new variant of the company’s technology. The company’s Proprietary Software Solution has access to key Microsoft customers, globally, for deployment of its technology. The company has received “Notice of Effectiveness” from the SEC. 

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $16,020,000
Cash Flow $6,178,357
Archive Date 09-11-2019
Status Archived
Year Established 2015
Employees 35
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category SaaS
Industry Other
Location USA, Minnesota (Aitkin)
Home Based Business No
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Products/Services

The company has been growing rapidly since its inception and is expected to continue to do so. 


Presently, there is no fully automated software that can do what the company’s Proprietary Software Solution does. The major consulting firms like Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, and their likes have developed workarounds and frameworks that are semi-automated at best and they primarily rely mainly on manual labor. The expectation is that they will become customers and distributor partners. Accenture is already a distributor partner.

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