For Sale:

Portfolio of Online Publishing Platforms for Writers

Asking Price: $1,650,000

Founded for the purpose of creating a community and platform for emerging and established writers, this portfolio includes a group of websites that are online publications. Each website runs several literary contests/awards per year offering writers an opportunity for prestige and publication which are critical for a career path in writing. The majority of revenues are generated through the contest and awards fee submissions.

The websites are uniquely positioned in the market as non-university operated platforms with a business model that is easily transferable to a legion of other professions in the arts. The owner spends only about 7-10 hrs per week operating the business with all the content creation, editing, design work outsourced. This is a home-based business which can be easily relocated and operated from any location with internet access.

Despite the audience, the current owner does not have a deep history of literature, writing, poetry, photography, or prose. With an observational eye in the areas where the business is presently thriving and on the avenues through which one can expand, any business savvy individual can continue to grow the business. This is a remarkable prospect for a new owner to walk into a unique turnkey operation, enjoy the goodwill that has been built as well as established growth trend and capitalize on the industry recognition already in place.

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $782,956
Cash Flow $412,236
Archive Date 01-31-2020
Status Archived
Year Established 2010
Employees 1 FT
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category Authority/Information Portal
Industry Writing and Editing
Location USA, Oregon (Multnomah)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Products/Services

Building upon its well-established foundation and success with a unique business model, there is great potential to expand and scale this business further by increasing a more standard advertising/ecommerce platform to the sites, replicating the model among other art forms, and brokering the model to larger organizations.


Through this company’s unique method of operation as a magazine to read as well as a pathway for unpublished authors to launch their career, these sites have achieved a spot in the Top 10 in revenue in literary journals. At present, hundreds of thousands of writers interface with the company, making it the leader in its Industry.

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