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Royalty Rights for Trademarked and Patented Brand Neck Pain Relief Product

Asking Price: $1,150,000


This is an opportunity to acquire ownership of this leading brand and its other related assets along with the Royalty Rights to the branded products sales. Under the current arrangement, this is a passive income opportunity with the owner working less than 1hr/wk and receiving royalty payments while the licensing company handles all operations.

With this acquisition, ownership of the brand assets and the licensing agreement would transfer to the new owner who would continue to receive royalty payments from the licensing company which is based on product sales. The licensing company has the option to renew the agreement as long as the minimum royalties are being met. If the licensing company chooses not to renew or would like to change the terms, the new owner can take over full operations and sales of the product. The Gross Revenue and Cash Flow figures of $337,355 represent Royalty Revenues which are based on the licensing company Sales Net of Shipping of $6,747,105 for the Trailing 12 Month period (TTM). Product Sales to-date are approx. $20M!

Opportunity Benefits

  • Passive Income…own the brand without the time and resource commitment of handling operations OR;
  • When the licensing term expires, take over operations and multi-million dollar revenue stream….Product Sales to date are approx. $20M


This business is priced based on royalty revenues as well as the brand’s assets including registered patents, registered trademarks, FDA Approval, celebrity endorsements, huge social media presence, large customer base and sales levels via the licensing company.

Business Overview

One of the most prevalent injuries is neck pain. And while clinical products provided the most relief, there were not any real suitable at-home solutions. As a physical therapist, the founder had a desire to create a product that provided neck pain relief that was affordable, portable, easy to use and worked! Thus, this trademarked and patented brand was born. FDA approved and endorsed by celebrity personalities, doctors, chiropractors as well as hundreds of thousands of happy customers, this product provides an affordable solution to a painful, common problem. With 380k+ customer database and 8.2k loyal Facebook followers, this highly visible business has a strong reputation and great future growth potential!

Key Brand Benefits

  • Registered Patents
  • Registered Trademarks
  • FDA Approved
  • Well-Established Brand
  • Endorsed by Celebrity Personalities
  • Large Customer List
  • Large Social Media Following
  • Growing Alternative and Holistic Treatment Industry
  • Great Future Growth Potential

    Financial Overview
    Gross Revenue $337,355
    Cash Flow $337,355
    Year Established 2017
    Employees 1
    Inventory N/A
    Other Information
    Category Amazon
    Industry Health, Wellness and Fitness
    Location USA, Delaware (Select County)
    Home Based Business Yes
    Seller Finanacing Available Yes
    Income Sources Products/Services
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