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Outstanding Video Content Driven Multi-Platform Website

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This was a completely altruistic endeavor that blossomed into a huge content driven website. Acquisition of this website offers a unique partnership and/or affiliate marketing opportunity for an individual or team who can market/advertise this business’ huge video content which includes roughly 300 hours or 18,000 minutes of professionally edited footage of valuable historical, meaningful, human interest stories. The site itself has become a virtual museum of historical events as told by the people who have lived or shared them.

A buyer would be purchasing all lifetime rights to the content and operation. The seller is willing to develop a specific offering either larger or smaller to suit a buyer's individual needs. This is the sale of underutilized assets with unlimited growth potential.

The seller will consider all serious offers from parties who understand the value of its massive library of powerful video content. While the website is for sale, the owner will also consider an investment opportunity and is open to varying partnership terms to generate revenues for both parties.

This unique opportunity is for a huge video content driven website with valuable historical, meaningful, human-interest stories. With roughly 300 hours or 18,000 minutes of professionally edited footage and growing, the site has become a museum of historical events as told by the people who have lived them or shared them.

Stories are told by professional athletes, war veterans, scientists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, celebrities, educators, everyday people. Why? Because, “Everyone has a story!” Stories connect and transmit knowledge. A broad range of remarkable stories include WWII, meeting Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth, Cold War, 9/11, Pandemic and others. This site is the repository of digitally preserved life stories, personal stories, military stories, professional stories, family stories, educational and historical stories told by the people who have lived them or shared them. The content is unique and relevant, not necessarily found in history books. When we are gone so too are our stories. With regard to WWII Veterans, many are now deceased, and their stories can only be found on this site!

The website’s extensive content is comprised of both long and short form documentaries, podcasts, full feature documentaries, a full library of photos, letters, and much more. The stories can be edited into a myriad of formats and monetization can go in many directions from subscribers to advertisers, to promotions as well as strategic partnerships with corporations, in addition to all media platforms including producing network TV Shows or Documentaries from the content. This is a dynamic and creative platform with outstanding, innovative content offering unlimited opportunities in digital streaming!

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue
Cash Flow
Archive Date 10-07-2021
Status Archived
Year Established 2016
Employees 0
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Media Production
Location USA, Texas (Denton)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Products/Services

There are endless possibilities for monetizing this website! Perhaps the path to most readily begin producing revenues is through affiliate marketing and advertising. With already enough content to last a lifetime, there is plenty there to monetize without the need to create new content. However, the owner is open and willing to working with a new owner by continuing filming to produce new content for the site.

A few of the other possibilities for monetization Include:

  • Convert the website to membership subscription model to view the content.
  • Sell advertising on the videos: pop up or banner ads. TV ads in the video, etc.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with corporations who want to leave a lasting positive footprint of corporate social responsibility.
  • Lease or sell content to schools or educational platforms. Online education is expected to become a $300+ billion-dollar industry by 2025.
  • Digital Online Streaming - Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Curiosity Streaming all need content.
  • Cable Outlets - Discovery, History, Smithsonian, HBO, ESPN, Sports Channels etc. would be interested in the historical, topical content or documentaries.
  • Convert all the content into Virtual Reality. Hologram Technology and Artificial Intelligence can be added which will allow the person who was taped to pop off the screen and engage in a virtual conversation with the viewer.
  • Access to Professional Sports Athletes in NFL, NBA, MLB to produce their stories and legacies.
  • AI technology can be incorporated into the stories – great not only for product placement but to transport the viewer via Holograms and Portals to create an immersive experience with each story.
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