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Online Security Employment Service

Asking Price: $1,990,000

The company has rapidly taken off demonstrating substantial YOY growth. With its rapid and exponential growth comes the need for capital to keep the scale balanced. While the business is for sale, the owners will also consider an investment opportunity.

The Off-Duty police market in America is estimated to be between $7.9B-$15B. Police officers are deemed off-duty whenever there is time that they are not on shift. During these off hours, they frequently work for private companies on the side. According to an internal audit of a major police department they found that in an 18-month period, 92% of all their police officers had worked an Off-Duty shift. This audit represents a microcosm of police departments across the nation and points at the sizeable market for off-duty police officer work. Most private sector businesses hire local police officers for various types of Off-Duty assignments, including sporting events, construction projects, banks, retail, and traffic companies. The issue at hand is that the vast majority of police departments across the country do not have proper systems in place to staff and schedule Off-Duty assignments for their officers. For this reason, many businesses resort to third parties like this company to get their police officers.

This business specializes in staffing Off-Duty Police Officers primarily for traffic control purposes but also for event staffing or various security needs. It has placed a large value on making sure that it is always doing the right thing by every party in the transaction. Because of this, it has a sterling reputation amongst all traffic control companies, construction companies and police departments in the State in which it currently predominantly operates. As well, the company is now acquiring the market share at accelerated rates by word of mouth.

This company has proven the success that a third party can have during its 3-year tenure in the market. With an understanding of the industry along with its core values of over-the-top customer service and high-level communication, it has been propelled to $2.5MM in revenue in just its second full year in the market. The company has plans to expand into other regions as well. This market is so large and unknown by most of the public that the owners believe with the proper funding, it can be taken to limitless ends.

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $2,794,306
Cash Flow $517,678
Archive Date 11-30-2021
Status Archived
Year Established 2017
Employees 4
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Security
Location USA, Washington (Pierce)
Home Based Business No
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Products/Services

With the established foundation and success, the company is poised for the next level of growth. There are numerous opportunities to scale the business to its true potential including expanding into other States such as the Las Vegas security market.


This business’ advantages over its competition include utilizing a suite of software that provides superior client experience, has the best reputation in its area of service and fills 99% of requests as compared to 50% fill rate of its competitors.

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