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Rapidly Growing Educational Platform

Asking Price: $8,500,000

With 45 million unique visitors/month, 2 million registered teachers and 4 million registered students, this platform has become one of the favorite go-to online tools for teachers and educators around the world. The site offers teachers an easy way to transform their printable resources into online, interactive exercises. Users are able to create their own worksheets or use ones shared by other teachers. Currently, the site has a base of almost 2 million shared resources which contributes to its positioning on search engines and the acquisition of new users.

The business model is based on advertising and subscriptions. The website offers free and paid subscriptions. Free subscriptions come with advertising and certain limitations to the account. The paid subscriptions are offered for teachers or centers who wish to eliminate advertising and/or increase the limits of their account.

Having offered free subscriptions through the end of 2021 due to Covid, all the income to-date has been generated through advertising. In Jan 2022, the checkout system will be operational and paid subscriptions will begin. Revenues and profits are expected to increase significantly with the launch of paid subscriptions with profits for 2021 forecasted to reach $1.75M and $3.5M in 2022!

Key Benefits

  • Established with High Domain Authority
  • Massive Traffic - Impressive volume of traffic with over +335M Unique Visitors and +3.6T Pageviews over the TTM ,li>Huge Number of Users and Content - 2 million registered teachers, 4 million registered students, 2 million shared resources
  • Growing – The company is experiencing exploding growth. With paid subscriptions launching in 2022, it could reach ~$3.5M USD in profits next year
  • First in Industry - An original and unique idea first to market
  • Future Growth Potential – In addition to advertising, the website will soon be monetized from subscriptions and expand its subscription base further with school accounts
  • Site Content- The content is continually growing. The site currently has 2 million shared worksheets, which attracts more new users through search engines. These new users then create new content
  • Room For Improvement – Improvements to the site offer lots of opportunity for further growth

Financial Summary
2021 Gross Revenue $1,936,970 USD
2021 Cash Flow $1,750,000 USD

Current TTM
TTM Gross Revenue $1,592,848 USD
TTM Cash Flow $1,444,127 USD

TTM Gross Revenue 1,377,420 Euro
TTM Cash Flow 1,248,813 Euro

*Converted from Euro to USD at the exchange rate of 1.1564 on 10/31/21. USD equivalent at time of sale will vary based on exchange rates.

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $1,936,970
Cash Flow $1,750,000
Year Established 2016
Employees 0
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category E-Book/E-Product/Newsletter
Industry E-Learning
Location Andorra, Select State (Select County)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Access to Site/Memberships

After having offered all free subscriptions during Covid, the site’s initial and immediate growth will come from the transition to paid subscriptions in Jan 2022. Expanding paid subscriptions as well as upgrades and improvements to the site offers lots of opportunity for future growth.


Competitive advantages include:

  • First In the Industry – This business introduced this concept as a completely new idea.
  • Easy for teachers to turn their old materials into interactive online exercises
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly contributed to the growth of the business being used in most countries around the world, becoming an indispensable tool for many teachers even after the reopening of schools.
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