For Sale:

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with Affiliate Style Lead Generation & Sales Flow

Asking Price: $8,500,000

Online business services are increasingly in demand today. In the past decade, our lives have become more digitized than ever, with a fast-growing number of activities moving online – and that includes online shopping. Recognizing that, entrepreneurs have been rushing to bypass brick-and-mortar stores and launch eCommerce websites. The statistics back up the appeal of doing that: The US eCommerce market grew from $27.61 billion in 2000 to $870.7 billion in 2021 and today there are 1.8 million online retailers operating in the U.S. and 7.1 million globally.

This company is fully immersed in the digital and eCommerce world, taking full advantage of the rapidly growing number of individuals and small businesses that are launching their own online websites. This brand provides marketing solutions and helps its clients establish customized websites and e-com websites in this booming online and eCommerce space. Their rapid growth reflects their skillful team as well as how quickly the world of eCommerce is shifting.

Focused on attracting a wide spectrum of new clients, the company offers a Low-Ticket service to a customer looking to set up their own website and online business. The customer purchases access to a Members Only Area which contains a variety of “Do It Yourself” materials. Afterwards, the upsell process begins with the introduction of additional services, products, and deliverables to assist customers setting up their online businesses. The deliberate low-barrier entry (i.e., the low price point of the Low-Ticket) attracts a broad range of customers who might not pursue an eCommerce website. With the variety of products and services, the customer who starts with the Low-Ticket purchase of approximately $37, can purchase additional services up to an additional $75,000 for that customer.

The business has been set up with the aim of building a highly efficient and cost-effective organization by focusing on building solid and repetitive effective processes which keep overall costs and expenses down and allow more scale and capacity in the business. With the majority of staff working remotely, they built a flexible model around virtual teams that are geographically dispersed (across different time zones) ensuring timely responsiveness.

The company has benefited from the enormous growth in the past few years with more people and small businesses going online and looking to start their own eCommerce websites. During the pandemic, the company's growth accelerated as individuals sought opportunities to augment decreased income. Since the pandemic and “the Great Resignation” company growth has continued as more individuals seek avenues of income diversification decoupled with employment. Market data indicates this type of business activity will grow considerably in the coming years as more people and businesses switch to online.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Well-established Marketing Solutions Provider Thriving Within the Online and eCommerce Space
  • Company Has a Range of Products and Services That Assist Small Businesses and Individuals Setting Up an Online eCommerce Site
  • Recurring Revenues ~10% of Total Revenues in 2022
  • Stunning 146,175+ Customers to Date
  • Company Benefits from 3,132+ Active Subscriptions
  • Subscription Service Fees Range from $19.95 to $49.95 Monthly
  • Large Database of 129,750+ Email Subscribers
  • Average Total Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of $1,370.89
  • Average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of $90-$145
  • Brand Maintains 5 Registered Trademarks (In Progress)

Key Benefits for a New Owner

  • Dedicated and experienced team with low turnover for key positions
  • Most staff work remotely and provide their own equipment, internet, etc. which translates to a staggering cost-avoidance for the company
  • 5 Registered trademarks
  • Extensive network of industry experts
  • Considerable amount of content included with the sale
  • Efficiencies can be replicated to a wide range of other products and services
  • Massive scale potential by continuing to grow their reach through social media marketing, advertising campaign, online public relations and email/text marketing

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $13,344,288
Cash Flow $3,033,594
Archive Date 01-22-2023
Status Archived
Year Established 2017
Employees 0
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Digital Marketing
Location USA, Pennsylvania
Home Based Business No
Seller Finanacing Available Yes
Income Sources Products/Services

Due to market factors as well as the brand’s huge potential, this business has massive scale potential. A few strategies for the company’s continued future growth include:

  • This brand does benefit from a high lifetime customer value and there would be large-scale options available for generating sales through an affiliate network.
  • The company’s efficiencies can be replicated to a wide range of other products and services
  • The brand could boost its social media and email marketing campaigns to generate more organic traffic to their website.

Some of the company’s Competitive Advantages include:

  • Higher than industry average Lifetime Value of the Customer, as well as recurring billing model.
  • Large prospect and customer list, and historical data.
  • Higher than industry average margin relative to competition and industry benchmarks.
  • Strict SOPs ensure a high degree of operational excellence and reduced dependency to staff.
  • Low Turnover of Key Positions and Team Leaders.
  • SEO effectiveness
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