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Web3 BAAS Cloud Platform w/ $20M ARR

Asking Price: $200,000,000

Business Overview
This company has rapidly become the premier global provider of Web3 infrastructure solutions powering many of the Fortune 500 including the NFL, WNBA, Dell, VW, Porsche, Bentley, Sports Illustrated, Vodafone, Shell, Michael Jackson Estates, Beatport, The Wolf of Wall Street and London’s Heathrow Airport with Apple, Netflix and other blue-chip brands in the pipeline.

Its core services are focused on BaaS, NFT Marketplaces, and Token creation currently specializing in the following industries: Entertainment, Supply Chain, Energy, Event Ticketing, Loyalty and Telecoms.  Its services enable clients to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies, and future-proof their businesses without the need for massive investment to build and maintain their own in-house blockchain infrastructure. Instead this company can quickly setup, deploy and manage the infrastructure needed to power each clients desired applications and to allow them to begin generating revenue in a fraction of the time.

Its world class global technology leadership team includes heavy hitters in the tech and blockchain space including the CTO of Ethereum and its Founder who was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner for his work on this company.

The management team has grown the company organically and has never raised any capital. The team is seeking a strategic buyer with more resources to take the business to the next level by growing the commercial engine and scaling revenue generation.

This offering presents a unique chance to obtain a well-established and highly lucrative technology company at the forefront of innovation, poised for significant growth in a rapidly expanding industry!  Of significance is its proprietary technology intellectual property (IP) and the enormous potential value it holds for monetization. Acquiring the business not only ensures the retention of the team behind its development but also comes with the added benefit of existing client contracts. The commercial value already generated by the IP has been huge.

In addition, KPMG has recently completed its financial, compliance and technology market analysis which values the IP and Enterprise Equity at $400M - $700M providing confirmation of valuation.

This company has created the foundation for a larger enterprise to come in and reap the benefits of scaling a proven business model, leveraging leading edge technology and showcasing anchored blue-chip clients that has  set the stage for massive growth in the future.

Key Benefits

  • AI, Web3, Blockchain SaaS B2B Company
  • 105% YoY Growth (Avg. FY 2023-2025)
  • $17.5M ARR FYE Mar 2025 – Booked Revenue
  • $43.8M Projected Revenue FYE Mar 2026 – Deals in Pipeline
  • $1B Eight-year Revenue Projection
  • 17% Projected EBITDA Margin
  • $300k - $1.2M/yr Average Contract Size
  • KPMG Market Analysis $400M - $700M Valuation
  • World Renown, High Profile Clients – NFL, Dell, VW, Porsche, Shell - Apple, Netflix in the pipeline
  • Explosive Growing Industry

The seller is open to all serious offers that are based on industry comps and that are commensurate with the caliber of this business.

Financial Summary
FYE Mar 2025 - $17.5M Booked Revenue
8-Yr Projected ARR $1B

FYE Mar 2026
Gross Revenue $43.8M USD - Deals in Pipeline

The company hired the Big 5 Accounting firm KPMG to conduct a full market analysis of the company including financial, compliance, IP, & tech.  With the report complete, it has valued the IP and Enterprise Equity at $400M - $700M.

Its world-renowned brand client list includes global Blue-Chip anchor clients such as the NFL, WNBA, Porsche, Michael Jackson Foundation, Apple, Netflix and Google Play that will serve as a massive growth engine to attract other aspirational, competitor and me-too brands. Each of these brands brings huge goodwill and $10’s of Millions in marketing value.

This company has been priced based on its $17.5M booked ARR in FYE Mar'25 with $43.8M in the pipeline for FYE Mar'26, its global Fortune 500 client list and the KPMG valuation of $400M-$700M.

This listing provides a rare opportunity to acquire a well-established, highly profitable, cutting-edge tech company with huge scale potential in an exploding industry!  The seller is open to all serious offers that are based on industry comps and that are commensurate with the caliber of this business.

Financial Overview
Gross Revenue $43,881,000
Cash Flow $7,504,158
Archive Date 03-08-2024
Status Archived
Year Established 2017
Employees 30
Inventory N/A
Other Information
Category Ecommerce
Industry Productivity Software - Technology
Location United Kingdom, Select State (Select County)
Home Based Business No
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources Products/Services

Anticipated industry growth is staggering, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 47.1% over the next seven years bringing a massive opportunity for scale to a new ownership group. There are numerous opportunities available to ride this industry wave and dramatically scale this business.


Its unique business model of pricing based on a small monthly fee with a revenue share structure has allowed the company to overcome the hurdle of signing on clients that may not fully understand this brand-new technology and might be hesitant to agree to a large flat monthly investment in the tech.  The company has demonstrated success in a space otherwise generating little revenue.

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