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Incredible Generic Exact Match Supplements Domain Name Portfolio

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Incredible generic exact match supplements portfolio only $499k total.  This portfolio of 18 premium domain names is very diversified and covers major geographies as well as domestic extensions and a variety of well converting demographics.  With names like,,, and and all of the other domain names included, this package is an incredible opportunity to get a huge jumpstart in the industry with extensive ranking work already done for you!  The beauty of the supplements industry via ecommerce is that once you have customers they come back monthly to restock, it is an amazing massive vertical that keeps replenishing itself monthly.  Massive sales can be generated by email specials and more.  Many of these domains are very aged and have tons of SEO done and are top ranked.  The flagship on this package is of course, a brand name on its own!  The CPC alone on Health Supplements is over $3.95 and could be your very own brand or drop ship company. is top ranked on Google with extensive white hat SEO.  It took over 1 year of SEO to get to its top spot.  Many of these domains included in this package are ranked and will make incredible gateway traffic catching sites to funnel traffic to the core site you choose or could all be brands of their own.  With this portfolio you are sure to be very diversified and a key player in the industry plus you will already have top SEO positioning for your industry and all the important keywords covered.

The portfolio package includes:

Health - PR5. #1 ranked above all the big companies.  High converting, exact match keyword.  Over 40k exact match keyword searches monthly.  Avg CPC: $3.88. - Domain name on forward, keep out the competition.  Over 40k exact match keyword searches monthly.  Avg CPC: $3.88. - Ranked, PR5 and over 1,200 uniques daily.  Usually sits at #3...dropped a bit due to a server and site update, but surely soon to be back to top 3 as we have seen aggressive movement lately.  This URL was used to operate a drop ship supplements biz that was generating $250k plus a month in revenues several years ago.  Over 167k exact match searches monthly.  Avg CPC: $2.60. - #1 ranked.  High searched, large converting term.  Dot Com impossible to own and not needed now that this one is top ranked.  Over 27k exact match searches monthly.  Avg CPC: $1.94. - Top 4 ranked, high converting keyword.  Avg CPC: $2.87. - Top 5 ranking, high converting keyword.  Big industry keeping you very diversified.  Avg CPC: $2.04. - #1 ranking, getting over 300 uniques daily.  This is a high converting term.  Also is ranking for discount supplements and nutritional supplements.  Avg CPC: $2.44. - Top 7 ranking on, very nice name could be a brand on its own or used as a traffic catcher.  Avg CPC: $2.60. - Starting to show up well in the serps and getting decent traffic.  Avg CPC: $2.60. - Mobile coverage.  Avg CPC: $2.60. - Canadian category killer.  Over 43k exact match searches.  Avg CPC: $2.23. - Starting to show in the serps, huge industry and very important keyword.  Avg CPC: $1.96. - Very important keyword.  Avg CPC:$2.76. - .us is becoming more and more popular and rank well.  Avg CPC:$2.76. - UK is a big, big market, the domain gets decent direct type in traffic.  Avg CPC: $1.94. - Covering not only the UK but the rest of the EU.  Avg CPC: $1.94. - Very important to cover the eu for this term.  Avg CPC: $3.88.


Financial Overview
Archive Date 04-06-2011
Status Archived
Year Established 2010
Employees NA
Inventory 1
Other Information
Category Premium Domain Name
Industry Vitamins and Health Supplements
Location USA, Nevada (Carson City)
Home Based Business Yes
Seller Finanacing Available No
Income Sources No Income

Totally unique and rare domain names.

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