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Website Properties Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

At Website Properties, we having been working as internet entrepreneurs for over 19 years. By building our own eCommerce businesses or by helping our clients’ sell theirs, we have always been a part of the fast changing, innovative landscape of the internet; arguably one of this generation’s greatest hotbeds for exercising the entrepreneurial spirit. We’d […]

So You’ve Made it on Amazon and Now Want to Sell your Business

With over $107 billion dollars in net sales in 2015, 304+ million active customer accounts worldwide and an 81% online user reach in the US, Amazon’s massive presence is undeniable. Its size and continued growth are what attracts sellers around the globe to enter the Amazon space as a sales channel for its products with […]

Operating an Online Business with No Internet Experience

So you’ve decided to take the leap and purchase a website business, perhaps because you would like a career change or want to work from home or you are retired and would like an additional revenue source. Another exciting reason to join the ranks of e-commerce owners might be the attractiveness of the size of […]

A Few Tips for Operating a Successful Internet Business

There is no one key that unlocks the door to success for business owners. Instead, operating a successful business often requires getting a number of fundamentals correct. Below are some tips specific to running an internet business that does not guarantee a victory, but when executed properly can go a long way on the road […]

How To Create A Million-Dollar Internet Store In 2016

David Fairley, Website Properties President, was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine regarding how individuals throughout the US are starting and building million dollar businesses from their own homes. The internet is a wide open playing field for entrepreneurs and David’s comments and the Forbes article gives helpful suggestions to start of your next 6 figure […]

Benefits of Hiring a Website Business Broker

When a business owner makes the decision to sell his/her online company, one of the next questions that usually follows is whether to hire a website business broker to handle the sale process or to try to sell on his/her own. Hiring a website business broker provides a number of services that will prove valuable […]

6 Tips for Managing Your Business During the Sale Process

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your internet business, it’s important to tend to a few items that will help you get the most out of the sale of your business and make the process as smooth as possible. Here are six tips to keep in mind when your business is listed for sale: […]

Do You Have an Exit Strategy for Selling your Internet Business?

Often times when starting or acquiring a website business, owners overlook the importance of an exit strategy. What is an exit strategy? It is a plan for when an owner may want to sell a business. Selling the business is usually not on most people’s minds when they are just getting started, but it should […]

Benefits of Acquiring an Established Business

If you’re ready for a new business venture, one of the first items you need to consider is whether to buy an existing business or build your own from scratch. Building an online business, in particular, can be relatively inexpensive with the initial start-up cost of creating a new website, outsourcing content and initial SEO […]

Reasons Entrepreneurs Sell Their Online Business

Buyers will often ask “If a business is successful and profitable, why is the owner selling?” Well, for all of the reasons that entrepreneurs decide to start their own website business or purchase an existing one, there are likely many more reasons that they all consider selling their internet business at some point in time. […]