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What’s Unique about Online Businesses?

What’s Unique about Online Businesses? On the surface, online businesses seem very different from traditional “brick and mortar” businesses. However, at Website Properties, we believe they’re actually very similar. Most of the considerations that apply to conventional, offline businesses also apply to online businesses, although there are a few additional steps that aspiring business owners […]

Co-Broker with Website Properties: Online Business Broker

Website Properties has become synonymous with successful website sales, excellent closure rates, and accurate financial valuations. Now your website brokerage can be part of that. Our co-broker program allows you, the website broker, to use our groundbreaking platform and industry-best tools to sell your clients’ websites. Small Business Sales Today While the numbers for 2019 […]

Leading Website Brokerage Shares “How to Sell Your Online Business”

For many entrepreneurs, the end game in building their e-commerce website is the eventual sale of the business. It starts with a product idea or maybe an affinity for a marketplace platform like, it grows into a profitable online business through finesse and hard work and ultimately ends up leading to the question “how […]

Accepts Bitcoin! Website Properties – Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin: Then and Now Bitcoin, both the currency and its underlying blockchain technology, gained significant credibility as an accepted form of payment in 2017. The currency’s value skyrocketed, rising from $1,000 per coin in January to a high of $18,000 by mid-December. More recently, Bitcoin reached a peak just shy of $69,000 before declining. This […]