2017 Scholarship – Third Place Essay

“Entrepreneurs and Online Businesses – the perfect match!”
By Areya J.
Uniontown, Ohio

Successful businesses have a few key traits that are shared amongst them. They were started by determined people who were passionate and curious about their work. People who couldn’t picture any other path than the one they were on.

Many businesses fail early on. A good number of successful companies were started by people who failed in other areas. Those who’ve succeeded were determined to keep going. They refused to quit when obstacles entered their path. Many devoted themselves to their idea, and nothing else. For many, their work became their life. It defines who they are as a person, and what they stand for. For the most successful people, it’s how they are known to the world. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are known for their work in the technology industry. When their names are spoken, it instantly gets people thinking about computers. Actors like George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio are tied to Hollywood. Their names trigger thoughts of the industry, and the work they’ve done in it. What do all these people have in common? Once they found what their inspiration was, they worked until they achieved it.

Their inspiration is what kept them going when everything else was knocking them down. It’s what keeps people determined. When someone has a vision for the future, it’s hard to think of anything else. When someone thinks of a new product, they picture it in everyday use. They picture it in stores, in people’s hands, in everyday life. It’s their inspiration. They work until their dream becomes a reality.

What inspires them must also inspire others. It doesn’t matter how much a person loves their product. If no one else cares about it, nothing can come of it. Successful entrepreneurs must be able to lock in the curiosity of others. They have to be able to rally in support behind their idea for it to take off. Whether it’s finding like-minded individuals with whom they can develop their ideas with, investors to fund their work, or customers to purchase their product, they all have to see the product and think to themselves, “I want that.”

One of the greatest inventions for anyone in the midst of starting a business is the internet. The internet has single-handedly revolutionized the way business is done. Have an idea? The internet can help to further develop it. It allows for individuals and groups to quickly share information with each other. It allows quick access to updated research that can be vital for the development of a new product or company. It can also allow for people with the same passion and determination to meet, exchange ideas, and possibly partner up.

The rise of social media has allowed for new marketing strategies. All types of branding on social media is used nowadays. Companies advertising their products on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even Facebook. Advertisements custom tailored to a specific consumer and their habits cannot be done with traditional print marketing.

For those who are just starting out, the internet allows for them to build excitement around their product. They can share their ideas and prototypes to build up support. The traditional way of starting a company resulted in some type of startup capital being needed. Whether it was self-supplied or from investors, very few companies could function long enough to succeed without a steady money supply. The internet changed that. Now, a company can be started from any computer almost instantly. It allowed for a whole generation to enter into a new market. Some technology-based companies don’t need large startup capital. Apps and websites can be made for cheap, sometimes free. Many programmers are becoming self-taught thanks to the plentiful information available to many via the internet. Those who wish to seek investors can start fundraisers to build up investments, bypassing traditional routes. They can market their idea straight to the consumer and allow for the consumer to be the investor.

Websites can act as a single location to purchase their product, share information about it, or get in contact with those who would like to conduct business together. Websites and social media platforms offer instant feedback. Many companies have social media department and accounts. These accounts can take instant feedback, positive or negative, and relay them back to the proper people. The feedback can then be used to further develop the product.

As the internet continues to grow and develop, so can people’s companies and products. New types of advertising will allow for new ways to get the word out, or new ways to reach people. Resources of information are constantly being uploaded and updated each day. More and more people are moving their business online. There are a seemingly endless ways to make money online. A person just needs to find what works best for them, and get to work.

Areya J.

David Fairley is President and Founder of Website Properties.com. Having started Hamocks.com, Strollers.com and Drums.com as an early e-commerce entrepreneur, David's 25+ years of experience in the internet and Website Brokerage industry gives him a unique and experienced outlook on all things internet.

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