Website Business Brokers set record

Record sales of website businesses

Who says you can’t thrive in a recession? Not every business has to suffer from a downturn in the economy. Website is a prime example of this. We are coming off our most fruitful month in the history of our company. We closed 6 website business for sale transactions in January which included a total of 26 websites!

Despite the gloomy news we are inundated with nightly, there are a lot of people who want to buy a website business and are searching actively. The main theme seems to be the perception that the markets, real estate and brick and mortar businesses are still too risky, whereas internet business opportunities with proven cash flow are a better bet in these times of uncertainty.

The quality of internet businesses for sale also seems to be improving as well. More aged sites with 4-8 years of history, great fundamentals, sales resilience, and stable and growing trends. The most popular sites we are selling currently tend to be ecommerce websites – primarily with drop ship models.

Looking forward, we anticpate a similarly great February, with lots of activity and new listings from new clients wanting to sell a website business. We are preparing to list these new quality online opportunities which should garner plenty of interest from buyers.

Keep in mind that some of the greatest opportunities exist in recessions and some of the biggest fortunes have been amassed during the worst economic downturns in history. Choose the thrive rather than survive in these times and you shall.

David Fairley is President and Founder of Website Having started, and as an early e-commerce entrepreneur, David's 25+ years of experience in the internet and Website Brokerage industry gives him a unique and experienced outlook on all things internet.